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  • Forrest Park Baptist Church, 3706 Cherry Street, Pine Bluff
  • South Side Baptist Church, 2309 Poplar Street, Pine Bluff
  • New Fellowship Baptist Church, 17th. & Cypress, Pine Bluff
  • Immanuel Baptist Church, 1801 West 17th, Pine Bluff
  • Altheimer First Baptist Church, 209 West 6th St, Altheimer
  • Claud Road Baptist Church, 1821 Claud Road, Pine Bluff
  • Anderson Chapel Baptist Church, 26713 Hwy 54 East, Dumas
  • Rison Baptist Church, 300 East Magnolia, Rison
  • Rankin Chapel, 27654 State Hwy 54 East, Dumas
  • Linwood Baptist Church, 8932 Hwy 65 South, Moscow
  • Pine Bluff First Baptist Church, 6501 South Hazel, Pine Bluff
  • Dumas First Baptist Church, 200 East Waterman, Dumas
  • Green Meadows Baptist Church, 4201 Hwy 65 South, Pine Bluff
  • South Pine Wood Baptist Church, 8869 Hwy 79 South, Pine Bluff
  • Shannon Road Baptist Church, 6817 Shannon Road, Pine Bluff
  • Hardin Baptist Church, 300 Todd Lynn Drive, White Hall
  • River Road Baptist Church, 723 River Road, Redfield
  • Oak Grove Baptist Church, 13112 Dollarway Road, Pine Bluff
  • White Hall First Baptist Church, 8708 Dollarway Road, White Hall
  • Sulphur Springs Baptist Church, 9127 Sulphur Springs, Pine Bluff
  • Greenlee Memorial Baptist Church, 4901 Old Warren Road, Pine Bluff
  • Central Baptist Church, 6107 Dollarway Road, White Hall
  • Dollorway Baptist Church, 1718 North Hutchinson, Pine Bluff
  • Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, 3820 West 20th, Pine Bluff
  • Watson Chapel Baptist Church, 5514 Pinnacle Lane, Pine Bluff
  • Kearney Baptist Church, 1900 South HWY 365, Jefferson
  • Grady First Baptist Church, 420 Grady Avenue North, Grady
  • Yorktown First Baptist Church, 13382 Hwy 425 North, Yorktown
  • Fellowship Bible Baptist Church, 111 Hwy 425 North, Star City
  • East Side Baptist Church, 1605 South Wisconsin, Pine Bluff
  • Humphrey Baptist Church, 408 North Division Street, Humphrey
  • Kingsland First Baptist Church, 160 Cedar Street, Kingsland
  • Family Time Baptist Church, 501 South Ohio Street, Pine Bluff
  • Bethel Baptist Church, 676 Holthoff Road, Dumas
  • Gould First Baptist Church, 305 South First Street, Gould
  • Hickory Grove Baptist Church, 802 Keepsake Road, Star City
  • Shepherd Hill Baptist Church, 10710 Shepherd Hill Road, Pine Bluff
  • Star City First Baptist Church, 200 West Wiley Avenue, Star City

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A Word from Mike…

I posed the question in an earlier article as to how well we know the Bible. Bible study skills are not only important for the pastor, but for every Christian as well. I am absolutely persuaded that we will not grow beyond our ability to study God’s Word carefully and accurately for ourselves. You might wonder why this is important since you can read materials and hear sermons where someone else has already done the study for you. Certainly, you can learn from the studies of others, and serious study might be difficult for many of us, but, we will generally find ways to do, or at least try to do, what we think is of vital importance. Thank God for great teachers and thinkers, but if we depend on others for our biblical input, at least three things will happen. First, we will limit ourselves significantly to learning only what the teacher knows and teaches. Second, we will be at the teacher’s mercy to tell us the truth, because we won’t be able to discern the truth from error on our own (so we will be evaluating one’s teaching by what someone else has already taught us). And, third, we will lack confidence in knowing for ourselves why we believe what we do. Therefore, in learning to study well, we can expect to increase in skills that will help us interpret and apply God’s Word ourselves with greater competence and confidence, and will build a solid framework from which we might communicate scripture with accuracy, which is obviously crucial if you are a teacher.

In the issues to come, I hope to share a few thoughts that I pray will encourage many of you to become students of scripture, and many others of you to sharpen the skills you already have in handling the Word of Truth. These are some of the topics we work on in our Monday night class, and you are invited to come and share these studies with us. I am also available to come and share these concepts with your church if it would be of help.

Blessings to you as you increase in the grace and knowledge of God! I am grateful for the privilege of serving Christ with you.

Mike Manning        
Director / A.M., Harmony Baptist Association
2001 S Cherry St. Pine Bluff, AR 71601
501-581-9776 cell  -  870-534-1021 office  -  870-534-4625 fax








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Harmony Baptist Association
2001 S. Cherry St.
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601
Phone 870-534-1021
Fax 870-534-4625

Central Baptist Church has called Jordan Farris and his wife to serve with them as their pastor!

Church Safety Training on September 12 or 13

The Evangelism and Church Health Team of the ABSC would like to invite you to the upcoming Church Safety Training on September 12 or 13. SEE THIS PAGE FOR DETAILS

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Certainly, by now, you are aware of all the flooding in southern Louisiana, and possibly you have been considering ways that you might help. We have such a way before us. Forest Park Baptist Church pastor Shelby Andre's daughter, Nicole and husband live in the Baton Rouge area and have lost everything in this flood. We have thought it good to give our people the opportunity to encourage Shelby and Deborah, and particularly bless Nicole and her family. Therefore, we are setting up a fund (as we a have done on other occasions) to assist with this need. If you feel impressed of the Lord to contribute, you may make a check payable to Harmony Baptist Association, and earmark it for the "Nelson Family Flood Relief." I talked to Nicole yesterday and know that anything that can be done will be very helpful and greatly appreciated.
We will continue to receive gifts through the end of September.
Thanks in advance for your generosity and prayers for the Nelson family.

This training will help you reduce the divorce rate in your church and community. A registration deadline is approachiing. see this page for more information.

Louisiana flooding.

Arkansas Baptist State Convention Disaster Relief is in our response to Louisiana flooding. See this page.

Ministry Support Group Meeting

A Ministry Class led by Associational Missionary Mike Manning will meet on Monday night's at 6:30 p.m. at the HBA office. Leslie Manning will be leading a study and support group for women that will meet at the same time and place.




The Pastor's Conference at OBU is shown under INFO CENTER. Please notice the dates and cost to register. This year it will be the book of Malachi. To see the announcement, just click on the "info Center" in blue.

Gould Baptist Church hosting Beth Moore Simulcast

See this announcement on the Local Church Events Page


Several new events have been posted onthe Info Center of this web site. Please check them out to see if you are interested and how to attend.

HARMONY SHARE REPORT for August 21, 2016

Today we updated the copy of Bro. Bobby Lamb's weekly report for August 21. Bro Bobby generates this report weekly and sends to various people. We wanted to add the page so more people could see what's going on in the Harmony Baptist Association. Check it out on the INFO CENTER page of this website today.


Check out the new EXECUTIVE BOARD webpage under Teams and Committees, to see photos of the Executive Board meeting on August 9 at Greenlee Baptist Church. This was added August 12, 2016.


A new page has been added under "Teams & Committees" for Global Awareness. The name was changed from Missions Awareness. See the report and watch for updated information. Look at the photos and see if you can find yourself.


The next Global Awareness Meeting will be held on Monday, October 10, at HUMPHREY BAPTIST CHURCH, 408 N. Division St, Humphrey, AR at 6:30 p.m.

Pastorless Churches

Please pray for the following pastorless churches:

Claud Road Baptist Church

Fellowship Bible Church

Humphrey Baptist Church

Northside (Interim: Matthew Watson)

River Road Baptist Church

Whispering Pines Cowboy Church


 The Harmony Baptist Association Annual meeting will be held on Monday, October 17, at Pine Bluff First Baptist Church.


We want to extend to you an opportunity to show your appreciation for Billy Burks and support for his wife, Hallie.

The Executive Board of the HBA recently approved the establishment of the Billy Burks Memorial Fund. We are encouraging you to consider giving in this effort, the proceeds of which will go to help Hallie in her time of transition need. Please show your love for Hallie by considering a generous gift in memory of Bro. Billy. You may make checks payable to Harmony Baptist Association or HBA. We will be receiving gifts through Aug. 31

Executive Board Meeting

The next Executive Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 13, at Watson Chapel Baptist Church, 5514 Pinnacle Lane,  in Pine Bluff.


Harmony Association office to be closed

Harmony Association Office will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 5th.

Grief and Comfort Community

The Grief and Comfort Community, a bereavement support ministry, will begin the Fall session on Tuesday, September 13, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p..m. It meets at the Harmony Baptist Association Office, 2001 South Cherry St., and is facilitated by Brenda Doucey and Lisa Grigg. If yu would like to participate, please call Linda at (870) 534-1021.