• Forrest Park Baptist Church, 3706 Cherry Street, Pine Bluff
  • South Side Baptist Church, 2309 Poplar Street, Pine Bluff
  • New Fellowship Baptist Church, 17th. & Cypress, Pine Bluff
  • Immanuel Baptist Church, 1801 West 17th, Pine Bluff
  • Altheimer First Baptist Church, 209 West 6th St, Altheimer
  • Claud Road Baptist Church, 1821 Claud Road, Pine Bluff
  • Anderson Chapel Baptist Church, 26713 Hwy 54 East, Dumas
  • Rison Baptist Church, 300 East Magnolia, Rison
  • Rankin Chapel, 27654 State Hwy 54 East, Dumas
  • Linwood Baptist Church, 8932 Hwy 65 South, Moscow
  • Pine Bluff First Baptist Church, 6501 South Hazel, Pine Bluff
  • Dumas First Baptist Church, 200 East Waterman, Dumas
  • Green Meadows Baptist Church, 4201 Hwy 65 South, Pine Bluff
  • South Pine Wood Baptist Church, 8869 Hwy 79 South, Pine Bluff
  • Shannon Road Baptist Church, 6817 Shannon Road, Pine Bluff
  • Hardin Baptist Church, 300 Todd Lynn Drive, White Hall
  • River Road Baptist Church, 723 River Road, Redfield
  • Oak Grove Baptist Church, 13112 Dollarway Road, Pine Bluff
  • White Hall First Baptist Church, 8708 Dollarway Road, White Hall
  • Sulphur Springs Baptist Church, 9127 Sulphur Springs, Pine Bluff
  • Greenlee Memorial Baptist Church, 4901 Old Warren Road, Pine Bluff
  • Central Baptist Church, 6107 Dollarway Road, White Hall
  • Dollorway Baptist Church, 1718 North Hutchinson, Pine Bluff
  • Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, 3820 West 20th, Pine Bluff
  • Watson Chapel Baptist Church, 5514 Pinnacle Lane, Pine Bluff
  • Kearney Baptist Church, 1900 South HWY 365, Jefferson
  • Grady First Baptist Church, 420 Grady Avenue North, Grady
  • Yorktown First Baptist Church, 13382 Hwy 425 North, Yorktown
  • Fellowship Bible Baptist Church, 111 Hwy 425 North, Star City
  • East Side Baptist Church, 1605 South Wisconsin, Pine Bluff
  • Humphrey Baptist Church, 408 North Division Street, Humphrey
  • Kingsland First Baptist Church, 160 Cedar Street, Kingsland
  • Family Time Baptist Church, 501 South Ohio Street, Pine Bluff
  • Bethel Baptist Church, 676 Holthoff Road, Dumas
  • Gould First Baptist Church, 305 South First Street, Gould
  • Hickory Grove Baptist Church, 802 Keepsake Road, Star City
  • Shepherd Hill Baptist Church, 10710 Shepherd Hill Road, Pine Bluff
  • Star City First Baptist Church, 200 West Wiley Avenue, Star City

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A Word from Mike…

On Monday, December 5, 2016 2:21 PM, Mike Manning wrote:

To Our Monday Night Classes:

Because of the holiday interruptions, we are going to place a hold on our classes until Jan. 16. This will give you more flexibility with busy Christmas schedules with ministries and families.

On Mon. Jan. 9, there is a StoneBridge (inner city) ministry event planned that maybe we would all like to participate in. We will get you more details soon.

Thanks, men and ladies. I will look forward to re-starting our times together in mid January..




I spoke, last Sunday, about a painful incident recorded in 1 Sam. 15, concerning King Saul’s second act of disobedience (the first is recorded in ch. 13)—both of which were said by Samuel to have cost Saul his kingdom. As painful as these incidents were, even more so is the fact that the spirit of Saul’s disobedience is still present among some of us who profess to follow Christ. In this passage, the sin, to us, might appear somewhat subtle; Saul indeed did some of what God commanded, but subtle in the sense that some modern Christians might tend to agree with Saul’s defense of his actions. He had been commanded by God, through Samuel, to destroy all the Amalekites and all that they possessed. Saul obeyed God to a point, but not fully. He killed and destroyed most of them, but spared King Agag as well as the best of the animals. Apparently, he and the people reasoned that this was close enough, and even could be a good thing in that the clean animals could be used to sacrifice to God. Is there not a spirit among some of the people of God today that ‘close enough is good enough?’ After all, God cares so much about us that He will be OK with our spin on obedience. He knows how we feel; he appreciates our improvisations to His expectations, particularly since many of His expectations are quite archaic. Surely He doesn’t expect us to be that different from those around us? He wouldn’t have us follow some of the things He commanded that would be incredibly inconvenient and difficult for us, so He must not expect us to comply fully to what He said so long ago. We’ve even found that if we pray hard enough about an issue in question, we can find peace about doing it another way. If we prayed and found peaceit must be of God, and therefore good! We’re still with Him—just on our terms. To paraphrase a line from a vintage commercial that most of you won’t remember: We’ve come a long way, baby to get where we’ve got to today! But, what way is that? We’ve joined the ranks of Saul in believing that God is on board with us in our partial obedience. He should be happy that we do as well as we do since we don’t completely ignore or disobey Him.
Is there any wonder why we often lack power in our lives and ministries, and why the watching world might see us as hypocrites? They often see reality better than we do. It’s time that we take God’s Word seriously, exegete it carefully, and apply it contextually and consistently. I’m not talking about legalism and rigidity where there are no personal freedoms, but let’s stop calling disobedience, freedoms! We don’t want to forget about grace as we speak the truth; we help people in their weaknesses and struggles, but we simply do not want to allow a spirit of compromise to go unchallenged. The cost was great for Saul, and it will be for us as well. The God of the covenants (Old and New) is not compatible with that which is inconsistent with His Word and His character. What better way to show our thanks to God for His blessings during this season than with full surrender and a serious view toward complete obedience?
Let’s keep encouraging one another with these things!
Mike Manning        
Director / A.M., Harmony Baptist Association
2001 S Cherry St. Pine Bluff, AR 71601
501-581-9776 cell  -  870-534-1021 office  -  870-534-4625 fax








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Update on procedures for ABSC DR

You will want to read these new procedures if you are a member of the ABSC DR team or plan to attend any of the training events to be certified.

Ordination Council

An ordination council will be held for Joe Powell, Interim Pastor of Catalyst Church Plant, at South Side Baptist Church on Tuesday, December 13th from 5:30-7:30. The ordination service will be held at South Side BC on Sunday, December 18th at 2:00. All ordained ministers are invited to be a part of both the council and the ordination service.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
The schedule for Executive Board Meetings is listed below. Harmony churches have hosted these meetings in the past. If your church would like to host a meeting next year please let me know. I am working on the 2017 Calendar and would like to include locations for the meetings. Thanks!
2017 Executive Board Meeting Dates
Officers & Team Leaders @ 9:00 
Fellowship @ 10:00 
Executive Board Meeting @ 10:30
January 10th--
February 14th--
March 14th--hosted by Sulphur Springs BC
April 11th--
May 9th--hosted by Gould First BC
July 11th--
August 8th--hosted by Pine Bluff First BC
September 12th--hosted by Hickory Grove BC
December 12th--
HARMONY SHARE REPORT for December 4, 2016

Today we updated the copy of Bro. Bobby Lamb's weekly report for December 4, 2016. Bro Bobby generates this report weekly and sends to various people. We wanted to add the page so more people could see what's going on in the Harmony Baptist Association. Check it out on the Info Center page of this website today.

Ministry Support Group Meeting
Dear Men and Ladies,
The next class will be held Monday, December 5th at the association office at 6:30. Thanks.
I very much look forward to being back together. These classes are the highlight of Leslie's and my week.




Several new events have been posted onthe Info Center of this web site. Please check them out to see if you are interested and how to attend.


Check out the new EXECUTIVE BOARD webpage under Teams and Committees

Pastorless Churches

Please pray for the following pastorless churches:

Claud Road Baptist Church

Fellowship Bible Church

Linwood Baptist Church, Moscow

Northside (Interim: Matthew Watson)

River Road Baptist Church

Whispering Pines Cowboy Church

Executive Board Meeting

The next Executive Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, December 13, at Dollarway Baptist Church, 2816 Old Dollarway Road, in White Hall (870) 692-5669.


Harmony Association office to be closed

Harmony Association Office will be closed for Christmas Holiday on Wednesday, December 21st to January 2, 2017.



Grief and Comfort Community

The Grief and Comfort Community, a bereavement support ministry, will begin the Fall session on Tuesday, September 13, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p..m. It meets at the Harmony Baptist Association Office, 2001 South Cherry St., and is facilitated by Brenda Doucey and Lisa Grigg. If yu would like to participate, please call Linda at (870) 534-1021.