A Word from Mike…

Happy 2022 to everyone! I pray that, as you reflect on this past year (or two) and think toward the next, that you will sense peace more than anxiety. Obviously, we’ve never experienced years like the past two—and we’re apparently not done yet with Covid—but neither have we ever had the opportunities to trust God individually and collectively like now. Everything that has been normal during most of our years of ministry has been changed to abnormal or to a new-normal. Certainly, we’ve been driven to rely even more on God’s provision and direction.

May I offer a gentle and encouraging reminder (reminder, being something that you already know); God has the end from the beginning and is still at work in bringing glory and people to Himself. And let’s also remember that He delights in using people like us to accomplish both objectives. As we gear up, then for 2022, let’s keep pressing and not be weary in well-doing, knowing that His grace and power are greater than our challenges. Let’s continue to hold our plans loosely, but hold tightly to Him and to each other.


God’s Blessings for that which is to come!




  January 2022  
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