A Word from Mike.....

I hope you had a great finish to 2022 and are geared up for 2023. Things have changed for most of us, and we continue to look for ways to be most effective in ministering to our people and sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Christ. I trust that we all will be willing to be creative in our thinking about how to practice ministry. I am convinced that we can be both practically innovative and yet biblically based in what we do. In doing so, we have to understand the distinctions between what we do, and how we do it. For the what we must stay firmly grounded in scripture and not willing to compromise at all, but for the how, we can do anything we can imagine as long as it does not violate biblical principles. The challenge is in differentiating between the two. For instance, worship is what we do; using hymn books or words on a screen is how we do it. The scripture is big on worship, but nothing much is said about the form, and what it does say frightens many of us because it takes us out of our comfort zones. The same might be said about our gathering together as the Body of Christ. We all know what it is to gather in one place in person, but what about online? Can that be considered ‘gathering together?’ Or does it have to be only in person. Obviously, when the Bible was written, modern-day technology was not an option, but it is now. Some of you took advantage of that during the Covid pandemic. What about since then? Should you be open to continue the use of such technology? I think yes. And if we don’t, we will miss some great opportunities to connect with some that we would otherwise miss. You will have to decide on that before the Lord. Whatever you do, I pray the urgency of the times in which we live will keep your (our) hearts attuned to the Lord and the many opportunities before us. Let me remind you that our Pastor’s Breakfasts and Lunches will resume in January. The first breakfast will be on Tue. Jan. 10 at 8:30 a.m. at the HBA office. Because of the demands on your time, we have decided to do these just once a month for a while and see how that goes. We want them to be good for you and not a burden. I do hope you will try to participate. We have lots of good food and great fellowship together. We continue to make progress on our renovation project at the HBA building. We are finalizing plans that will help us move forward. Associational Missionary Joe Day and some of his people at Southeast Baptist Network will be helping us do the work. No doubt we will need some help with the project and will be calling on some of you to participate if you can. We are currently working on a materials list and will provide more info as we have it; including the final plan and the projected cost of the project. We are also moving forward with our Internship Ministry. I am in process of writing a proposed manual for the project, which may take a while, but will hopefully be done in the not-too-distant future. If you are interested in participating as an intern or as a church that would like to work with an intern, please let me know. We will do all we can to accommodate in every way possible. So, there’s lots happening in the HBA, and I’m excited to see where the Lord will take us as we move forward together! 


  January 2023  
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