A Word from Mike.....

A lot has happened since my last article. The SBC has met, argued, voted, and for some, polarized more than before we met; for others, more unified in their positions than before. I was there and listened to much rhetoric; strong opinions from issues on the sexual abuse report, the future of the ERLC, who should be president of the convention, the role of women in ministry, and who is liberal and who not. Before leaving, I was a bit tired of listening to all the posturing (and couldn’t help but wonder what the workers at the convention center were hearing and thinking about us and God as they wondered in and out of the meetings). I’m not so sure that we modeled what Jesus prayed for in John 17:21—that the Father would do His sanctifying work in His disciples so: “that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me.” I am not arguing that there are not times to take stands against threats to the faith, but I am concerned that there are biblical assumptions being made on all sides without careful thought and study into some of the issues. It would serve us well to be more concerned about all of us being conformed to God’s intended message in scripture than for others to be conformed to our particular biases about scripture. (For all the info about the convention, you can read Baptist Press and other sources.) We will discuss them at our July Executive Board meeting at the Refuge in Redfield on July 19—6:00 pm for the meal, and meeting to follow. Hope you will plan to attend.

Not only did I leave the convention tired…I left sick and tired! I went away with a pretty strong case of Covid. We were scheduled to head to Wyoming to work with our Cowboy Church partners there but had to head home instead. We were in northern California when I became ill and did everything, we could avoid contact with people on the trip home. I felt quite miserable for about a week, and am still coughing, but I am thankful that Leslie miraculously escaped the malady (at least so far). Thanks be to God for that!

I am easing my way back into work, with lots to do right now. As you probably know, we are in the throes of moving to our new location right now. A great group from World Changers came to help move many things last Friday, plus Elaine and Randy Hutcheson have been tireless in prepping for this move. Also, Tommy Carter packed most of my books while I was gone. Thank you, Tommy! We have the professional movers coming on July 7 to move the rest of our things. A/C work has been completed at the new building, and we are working on plans for renovation that will be suitable for our future ministries there. Closing on the building should have taken place by the time you receive this letter. I am optimistic about the opportunities it should afford.

Also, as you know, the Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs Wade! We are thankful to God for this monumental decision. It is enlightening to see the obsession the other side has for the support of abortion. Not only do they want women to have the right, but they also seem driven with great eagerness for women to choose that option. It definitely fits Paul’s description in Rom. 1 of those whom God has given over to perverse thinking. May we be careful how we respond in these days. May we give glory to God, but not take on a superior, gloating attitude. If this indeed is a God-thing, we need to be sure to give glory where it is due, and do so with great humility and thankfulness. Let’s also be careful to extend love to those who oppose and even hate us for our identification with the pro-life position.

In all that I’ve mentioned in this letter, let us grow closer to each other in love and unity, standing strong for the gospel, modeling what Christ prayed would be true of us. And may those watching indeed know that the Son is come from God, is God, and is the only way for salvation, all to the glory of God!





  July 2022  
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