The Harmony Share Report

Dec. 31, 2017

Read and Pray!  Rejoice and Comfort!

Bobby Lamb


Shannon Road

SS Supt Jim Wilson reports 82 in SS and 116 for worship. 

….There was baptism for one youth and the profession of faith and reception for baptism by another youth.  Pastor Josh Blevins had to be one of the few pastors that could rejoice.  Attendance and additions were down in most churches.  The record cold, the holiday, and the flu epidemic made it a rough Sunday.

…Youth Pastor Micah Dixon has taken a similar position with the Baptist Church at Waldron.  He and his wife, who is a daughter of Pastor Allen Elkins, will be missed.


White Hall First Baptist

Sunday School average for December was 227.

Worship Services: 318

...We welcomed two new members by letter.

Sec. Robin Bolen reporting.

Paul Williams, gifted preacher.


Dumas First Baptist

Sec. Jan reports that SS attendance was down at 115 and 142 to hear the message by Pastor Dubs Byers.


Star City First Baptist

Sec. Martha reports a SS attendance of 90.


Watson Chapel Baptist

Sec. Michelle reports SS attendance of 329.



Grady was blessed with 9 present Sunday.

…Rev. Ellsworth Haisty, Jr. preached a message entitled, “Calvary’s Trail of Blood” from Hebrews 9:22.

Koletta Hubbell reporting by I Phone


Linwood Baptist Church

We started with 7 in Sunday School and grew to 15 for Worship Service.

…Pastor Randy Rushing brought the message out of Matthew 6:23-34.  He spoke of Three Things we should not worry about in 2018.

1) Do not worry about your Life.

2) Do not worry about your food.

3) Do not worry about your clothes.

Deacon Wayne Mitchell reporting.


Northside at Star City

We were blessed with 7 in SS and 12 for worship.

Pastor Matthew Watson was enthusiastic as ever.

 No night service.  We have some sick.  Others out visiting. 

Happy New Year to All.

Linda Bailey reporting


Rison Baptist

We had 70 in Sunday School and 97 in morning worship.

Sec. Patsy Boyd reporting.

Danny Allen, Pastor.


Plum Bayou at Wright

Sunday School Attendance – 24

Worship Attendance – 29

 …”The Five-A’s for the New Year” was the sermon title.

Scripture for today:  I Corinthians 10:23-11:1.

1.     Advocate for Others – Vs. 23-24

2.     Avoid Legalism – Vs. 25-27

3.     Apply Considerate Judgment – Vs. 28-30

4.     Amplify the Kingdom of God – Vs. 31

5.     Act like Christ – Vs.32-11:1

Remember we are told to ‘Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself’.  So act like Christ and love others!

In everything you do, do it as unto the Lord!

Dianne Aiken reporting.

Seth Givens, Pastor



We had a wonderful service to end the year, but down in Sunday School at 14.   Then a good 36 for worship.

There is a lot of sickness going around, so hurry up spring time.  My message came from 1 John 5:1-14.

Pastor Bobby McPherson


Claud Road

Our attendance was low due to the record cold weather, but we were warm in spirit.  SS had 14 and worship 19. 

…We heard a great message by Pastor Leonard Russell.  His main points were:

1. Live for the present. 

2.  Learn from the past. 

3.  Reach for the future.

Deacon Morris Conrad reporting.


Altheimer First Baptist Church

Sunday School............ 15

Worship Service.........  27

…James: Faith in Action! -  Part 13: The Patience Test was the title of sermon. Bro. Travis used James 5:7-11 as the scripture text. Special music, sung by Judy Harden, was "Consider the Lilies".

…There was no Evening Service.

…I will be gone to California the month of Jan. to take care of my parents.  

Adelle Taylor reporting.

Travis Thompson, Pastor



The last day of 2017 brought low numbers for Sunday School and Morning Worship at Yorktown...cold weather, sickness, and traveling were some of the reasons. We did not have evening service due to the frigid temps.  Happy New Year to everyone!

Marie Draper reporting.

Robert Greene, Pastor


Kingsland First Baptist Church 
16--Sunday School
21--AM Service

Bro. Harold Mitchell, retired International Missionary was our speaker at the AM service. His wife, Rene accompanied him. There will be no PM services due to inclement weather and sickness.
…Our morning scripture was read by Mike Curry from Psalm 95:1-3. Our special prayers for those on our prayer list was given by Treavor Calhoun.
…Bro. Harold read from Mark 10:35-45 and from 1 Corinthians 11.
We should examine ourselves before we partake of the Lord's Supper, which we observed this morning. We need to not judge others, but to check our own selves.
Bro. Harold told of his many experience of observing the Lord's Supper from around the world in places he had served.
...We all experience joy and sorrow, and we have heartaches. The Lord's Supper was served by Bro. Harold.
Submitted By,
Jo Ann Johnson


South PineWood

Sorry, I can't say much about church this past Sunday.  We were not there.  Our entire family was down with the flu.  It was tough finding a supply pastor as well because it seemed that nearly everyone on the list was either sick with the flu or already filling in for someone similarly ill.  But we are on the mend now and looking forward to Wednesday night Bible study.  

God Bless,

Pastor Chris McGee


God bless our faithful servants of the Lord.   May the Lord open the windows of heaven upon them.   

In Christ Jesus, 

Jim Glover, former Kingsland Pastor


Rankin Chapel

Pastor Monty Meek reports by phone that they were down at 20.

He felt the spirit of the Lord in the message from Timothy about the last days.  We are surely in them.  How should we be living?


River Road

Deacon Paul Forrest reports by phone that they were down a little at 20 in SS and 29 in worship.

…Pastor Shelby Andre preached from Matt. 6:19-32.  His wife Deborah brought special music.

…Sunday night about 30 got together at the pastor’s home to enjoy food, fellowship, and lots of gospel singing.  It was a good way to end 2017.


Fellowship Bible Baptist in Star City

Bro. Jim Russell reports that Sunday morning was down at about 14.  Pastor Rick Harrison announced that, “DUE TO THE SICKNESS THAT HAS HIT FELLOWSHIP BIBLE CHURCH WE WILL NOT BE HAVING CHURCH THIS EVENING! ‘

…Bro. Russell has been battling a case of pneumonia and hasn’t been able to make it to church.  We’ve missed his inspiring reports.



Pastor Larry Heird preached from Phil. 1:12-18 and 2:1-11.  The word was fresh and renewing, even though only a half dozen were able to make it.


Greenlee Memorial

Pastor Jim Watson reports that only about 15 made it for SS, but double that at 30 for church. He preached about the futility of new resolutions without the help of a higher power.  Remember the man whose house was swept and clean, but empty? When the unclean spirits returned they easily overcame him.

…Wife Bonnie had an MRI on her painful shoulder.

…Bro. James sat on a council that called for the ordination of Wes Sparks and Randy Rushing.


Anderson Chapel

Bro. Billy Roberson reports attendance of 28 – down about 6.  Pastor Larry Wilkerson presided over the Lord’s Supper. 

…Billy has been dealing with a kidney infection and went to the hospital Sunday evening.  Church and the greatest long sermons can be a misery when you are ill.


Know Bill Phillips?  Wife Rita has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  Got sick with the virus and then had a heart attack.  Rita was class of 65 at Star City.  Still in the hospital.  Remember in prayer.


End of the Report for Dec. 31, 2017

We missed several reports.  Some church offices were closed.  Others away.  Some just felt too defeated to report.  It was a challenging Sunday.  One should not read too much into the low numbers.  It’s no one’s fault.  Things will get better.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Simpson of PB has scheduled me for back surgery this coming Monday at JRMC.  Don’t know the time yet.


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