The Share Report -- Harmony Baptist Association
February 4th, 2018
 (Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)
Whispering Pines Cowboy Church
Attendance 68. 
Pastor Wes Sparks preached and is doing a great job. 
3 saved and received for baptism. 
...Chili Cook-off this Saturday at 5:00.
Hallie Burks reporting.

Dumas First Baptist
145 in SS and 186 in worship to hear Pastor Dubs Byers.   He baptized one youth and two more were received by profession of faith and baptism.
Sec. Jan Martin reporting.

Claud Road
We had 23 in SS and 25 for worship. 
...Great message by Pastor Leonard Russell. 
...A young boy gave his life to the Lord.  We will have a baptism this coming Sunday.  We rejoice in the new member of God's family and the family of Claud Road.  God is good.
Morris Conrad reporting.

Green Meadows
17 in SS and 25 for church.  Pastor Russ Jasper preached.  Naron’s were gone to La for a relative's funeral.

Anderson Chapel
Attendance was 35.
... Monty Kellibrew from McGehee brought another powerful message.
...Bret Stewart to be with us for a gospel concert on Sunday evening, Feb. 18th.  Potluck to follow.

Fellowship Bible
Jim Russell reports another great day at church with Pastor Rick Harrison preaching the word.  
...Attendance was down just a little -- 27.  About the same amount returned Sunday night for the study.
Pray for Jim's health.

Oak Grove
Oak Grove had 38 for Sunday School and 52 for Worship.  Wonderful to see many who have been out for awhile. 
...Pastor Michael Hayslip brought the Message from Genesis 3:1-7, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden  They were Pure, Faithful and Righteous in perfect intimacy with God until their fall.  A simple suggestion is all Satan has to do.  We have to develop that intimacy with Jesus  our Lord.  How do we do that? We stay in God's Word.  We listen to the Holy Spirit.  We put on the armor of God's Word.  As Adam and Eve found out, Satan is very subtle and knows our weaknesses.  That intimacy with God is developed by our intimacy with God's Word and God's people to glean the Righteous Wisdom of His precious Saints -the Church- to put our Trust in God always!
"When we look at Jesus, the one who made us and the world around us, He is God giving Himself in the flesh.  God hates sin but loves the sinner. He is the only God that does that
Singing led by David Garner. 
...Catered banquet this Saturday by Corky's BBQ.
Steve White reporting.

Pine Bluff First
FBC had a great Sunday, good spirit, excellent services. Quite a few out die to sickness, but attendance was helped by visitors and members returning who were previously sick.
... I began series of messages entitled "Facing your Giants," dealt Sunday with the giant of fear.
...UPWARD basketball is going great -- running around 150.
...Mike Manning will preach this coming Sunday as Pastor Lt. Col. Ken Thornton is  away at military camp in Ill. 
...Adam McCampbell will speak Sunday night.

Shannon Road
83 in SS and 100 counted for worship.  (Harold Branson, the Count Man!) 
...Pastor Josh Blevins preached from  Matthew about the Pharisees and the Sadducees.
...Singing by Steve Church.
...Remember Lee Smith in JRMC rehab.  Vernon Brickey at Trinity Village now.
SS Supt. Jim Wilson, Mustang Man, reporting.

8 attending.  Music by Stan Motsinger and Pastor Larry Heird.  Encouraged to see one prospective couple attending.  Pray for us.

Down from 84 to 72 in SS. 
...Pastor Johnny Taylor was away for a grandson's baptism. 
...Travis McCormick from the state convention preached.
Sec. Greta reporting.

Regular attendance in SS of 22.  A few more for worship. 
...Pastor Don Taylor preached.  Pray for his health and strength.  He has some wonderfully supportive people.

28--Sunday School
33--AM Worship Service
13--PM Worship Service
...Bro. Josh Bolland preached for us at both the AM and PM services. "The Storms Of Life" Mark 6:45-50 was the main scriptures, but used other passages. We should look for God in the midst of the storm. Everything we go through builds our faith, when we continue to trust God. Trust and do not give up.
Submitted By,
Jo Ann JoAnn Stone Johnson

Star City First
The secretary reports a great day in SS of 135. 
...Evening studies for both the men and women are being well attended. 
...Dr. Marcus Rogers preached.

Watson Chapel
380 in SS. 
Pastor Todd Howard preached.

Central Baptist
A down week with 92 in SS and 124 for worship. 
Pastor Jordan Ferris preached.

Grady First Baptist
We had an attendance of 10. 
...Brother Andy VanHorn from Gillette brought a message from Mark 10:46-52.  Bro. Andy is a game warden and is a member at Victory.
 When you are physically or spiritually down, whom do you seek?  Bartimaeus sought Jesus.  If we’re not careful, we can become spiritually blind.   Physically impaired people were looked down upon by Jewish society.  Their means of livelihood was begging.  How did Bartimaeus know Jesus could help him?  He probably had heard what Jesus could do for him.  He was blessed through faith and persistence.  Just as Bartimaeus received help by faith, we can receive help through faith.  We must seek Jesus.  He is able to heal us physically and spiritually.  Deut 4:29.    But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.  Hebrews 11:6.  But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.  When we seek Jesus, we must seek him with all our heart, mind and soul.  Your faith will make you whole.  We cannot fool Jesus.  Seeing with our eyes doesn’t guarantee seeing with our heart. Bartimaeus could not see Jesus with his eyes, but he could see Jesus with his heart and soul.  The blind have better perception than those who can see.  Beggars were those extremely disadvantaged means of making a living.  In Leviticus, we find that God made provisions for these people.  The Jews correlated blindness with sin.  In John 1, Jesus said neither the blind man nor his parents sinned.  Jesus came into the blind man’s life and he was healed.  Discouragement is a tool of Satan. Bartimaeus didn’t give up.  He continued to call out to Jesus.  When he heard Jesus call, he responded.  Jesus is the Great Physician.  Matthew 7:7-8   Ask and it shall be given you;  seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened.  For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. 
...Please put Arkansas Baptist Master’s Singers on your prayer list. We will leave April 16th to present the gospel in music in Ukraine. 
...Mark Estes to be back this coming Sunday.
......We've lost another faithful one.
Charline Venable passed away Saturday January 20th in Grady Ar.
She was born June 9, 1928 to the late E.C. and Myrtle Saint McGregor. She was preceded in death by her husband of 60 years Harold Venable.  Charline was a member of the 1st Baptist Church in Grady.
She is survived by two daughters, Sondra Ashcraft and Billie Lynn Isaacs (Wayne). Services were Friday, January 26, 2018 at the Griffin Funeral Service Chapel in Star City with Bro. Brian Ashcraft officiating. Burial was in Grady Cemetery.
Submitted by Koletta Hubbel

Glad to have you back Bro Lamb. 
We had a wonderful service with 22 in Sunday School and 38 in worship with several new faces.  To God be the Glory!
Pastor Bobby McPherson

Like many of the churches in our association we were low in numbers Sunday...lots of sickness.
...We enjoyed the very talented "Haley Creek Boys" from Hamburg, Ar. Saturday night. They have been together for 38 years! They said they started out as "Haley Creek Boys” and now they are the "Haley Creek Grandpa's". What a blessing they are! We had a number of visitors who came to hear them.
Marie Draper, Mission Awareness Director
Robert Greene, Pastor
...George “Pine Knot” Allen Bradshaw, 77 of Star City, passed away Wednesday, February 07, 2018 at his home. He was born October 3, 1940 in Lincoln County to the late Ocie and Jamie Johnson Bradshaw. He was a member of Yorktown First Baptist Church and was a retired bricklayer and Postmaster for Yorktown U.S. Post Office.
Also preceding him in death was a sister, Etta V. Lowe.
Survivors include his wife, Mary “Tootsie” Bradshaw of Star City; 2 sons, Al (Towania) Bradshaw of Star City and Joe (Roxanne) Bradshaw of Woodlawn; sister, Patsy (Dwight) Winningham of Star City.

Plum Bayou
Sunday School Attendance – 25
Worship Attendance – 32
 ...Focal Scripture: I Corinthians 11:17-34
Sermon Title: Public Worship and the Lord’s Supper
    1.  The Lord’s Supper has been Perverted -  Verses 17-22
    2.  It has a Purpose  -  Verses 23-26
    3.  it has to be Prepared – Verses 27-34
  Paul tells the church they have perverted the Lord’s Supper by having a meal instead of sacraments.  The rich were eating and
Drinking too much and the poor were going away hungry.  The rich were there to grab the best seats and pushing the poor out.  They came to be seen, not to worship.  Why are you in church today?
  The Purpose was to celebrate Jesus and His sacrifice for our salvation. We can all say Jesus was broken for ‘me’. It is the testimony
Of His saving grace, shed blood and broken body until Jesus returns.
  To take part in the Lord’s Supper we must prepare our hearts and minds.  We must examine ourselves and repent of our sin.  To partake without repentance dishonors Jesus. Are we bitter, self-righteous, hateful?  We must sift the evil out before partaking.  We are to love another and be in a spirit of unity to reach this fallen world for Jesus Christ!
Dianne Aiken – Reporting
Seth Givens - Pastor

Northside at Star City
Still down some at 7 in SS and 11 for worship. 
...Our numbers were low because of people out with the flu.  Pray for us. 
... Pastor Matt is having eye work done.
... He attended all the Sr. Adult revival services.  Bragged on the food and noted at least seventy in the services.  Lamented about the poor support from some of the churches and pastors.
Linda Bailey reporting.

Rison Baptist
We had a good 98 in Sunday School and 148 to hear Pastor Danny Allen in morning worship.
Patsy Boyd reporting.

White Hall First Baptist
For Sunday, February 4, 2018
Sunday School: 266
Worship Services: 364 to hear Pastor Paul Williams.
Robin Bolen reporting.

We were blessed with our regular six for Sunday services.  Pastor Charles Calhoun preached.
Fran Flowers reporting.

Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles South West of Star City, Hwy. 11
27 in attendance.  Fourteen came to Sunday School {Bible Study) and thirteen others joined in with them for the Praise, Prayer and Preaching Service.
...One first time visitor.  Great Service!  The Scriptures was Eph. 3:1-13.
...Eleven came back for the Sunday Evening Services.
...Bill & Mary Hilburn, Frances Brazil and Augusta Weaver attended the Senior Adult Revival at River Road Baptist Church, Redfield and enjoyed the Worship Service, Fellowship and Good Food, on Monday. Looking forward to being there the next two days of Senior Adult Revival.
Bill Hilburn

Altheimer First Baptist Church
February 4, 2018
Sunday School................11
Worship Service.............29
...Bro. Travis preached out of Hebrews 10:24-25 a message titled "Let Us Consider." 
...The special music was "Even Winds Whisper His Name."  This was sung by Judy Harden and Adelle Taylor.
...Evening Service...............9
We are still in the Genesis Study with Session 10 covering Chapters 4 & 5.
Adelle Taylor reporting.
Travis Thompson, Pastor

South Pinewood
We had a great Sunday.  Our Pack-A-Pew Sunday was a success.  There were 61 present for morning worship. 
...Many members brought friends and relatives with them and a few of those folks do not presently have a church home but came to try and help their person win the prize for most packed pew. 
...We're in the process of reaching out to our visitors in the hopes that some of them will decide to make South Pinewood their church home.  ...We also took time Sunday morning during the announcements to honor the volunteers who work to make our worship services possible -- the folks who run the sound, play the music, lead the singing, and take care of the mundane business of the church. 
...Our Ladies Group had a few announcements.  Their next meeting will be 11- Feb following the AM worship service and at that meeting they'll make final plans for attending the Heart-To-Heart Conference in Beebe. 
...The Ladies are also starting an exercise class at the church.  One of the ladies is a Tai Chi instructor and will begin teaching an easy level stretching and balance class on Tuesdays at 1000.  This is an excellent program and is highly recommended for seniors as it helps maintain mobility and fitness and there will be some wonderful Christian fellowship involved.  There is no charge and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.   
God Bless,
Pastor Chris McGee

Sulphur Springs Baptist Church
We had a blessed day of worship with 15 for Sunday school and 33 for Worship.
…Brenda Childers sang “Old County Church” and Tommy Carter sang “Precious Lord, take My Hand” for the special music.
… Bro. Larry Childers preached from Acts 9:1 - 11 on “Viciousness to Victory.”.  Saul was on a mission to persecute Christians (those of the way).  Would your actions cause you to be persecuted as a Christian?  Saul’s world changed when he met Jesus.  When you met Jesus, you’ll never forget it.  Jesus told Saul what he must do.  Have you seen the light of Jesus?
…We had 18 for Evening Worship.
…Tommy Carter sang “Whosoever Meaneth Me” for the special music.
…Bro. Larry preached from 1 Kings 3:7 – 20 on “Solomon’s Prayers for Wisdom (Understanding)”.  What is our motivation?  Does Jesus’ love shine through your life?  God listens, do we?  Solomon’s wisdom was tested immediately.
Hope all have a blessed week!
Larry Childers, Interim Pastor
Tommy Carter, Secretary, reporting

Rankin Chapel
We had about 30 Sunday, but that's not what's most important.  It was one of those services when it seemed like the Holy Spirit just filled the place and there was such joy in preaching about "Standing on the Promises."
Pastor Monty Meek reporting.
(I got Bro. Monty's report over the phone.  He was in his big truck in Pennsylvania and then in West Virginia.  We talked for several miles.  Pray for a safe journey home.  Many roads are treacherous.)

Greenlee  -- Pastor James Watson

Victory -- Pastor Chris Russell

Gould  -- Pastor Harold Chandler

Linwood -- Pastor Randy Rushing

East Side -- Pastor Josh Dutton

Shepherd Hill -- Pastor Thomas Lanthrip

Family Time -- Pastor Michael Williams

New Fellowship -- Pastor Thirland McKissic

The End of Report

Bob or Bobby Lamb in Pine Bluff, Ark.


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