Sunday July 16

The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association

July 16th, 2017

 (Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)


From Pastor Stephen Harrison’s Facebook

5 gave their lives to Jesus today at FC WH. That never gets old!!


A Facebook share from Bro. Rudy Davis.

We had a very good time this morning at Hermitage Baptist ChurchThe Lord added 6 new members to the church. I'm looking forward to this evening’s service!



139 to hear Pastor Jordan Ferris.

3 additions.  One was by baptism. One was by statement and one was by letter.

Sec. Candy reporting.



We had a great week last week, sending 17 kids and 4 adults to Church Camp at Siloam Springs. One salvation and four rededications.

This week we're gearing up for VBS which starts Sunday night. July 23-27 -  6 to 8:30 PM

 75 for Sunday School.  No count for church.

Had several first time visitors for church.

Pastor Johnny Taylor


First Baptist Church, White Hall

Sunday School average for July: 220

Worship Service: 349

One young man joined by letter

Here is a Facebook testimonial about First Baptist of White Hall

‘My husband and I have been attending for the last 2 weeks. We love this church. The people are so loving and so full of the Holy Spirit. We will be attending FBCWH for sure.  Maybe after a while join this wonderful church.”


Shannon Road

95 in Sunday School and 120 for church.

Gideon Curtis White spoke about their ministry.  An offering of over $700 was received. 

…Pastor Josh Blevins brought an abbreviated message about God’s power to change lives. 

…We had a great VBS with an enrollment of about 90 (including workers.)

…2 youngsters were saved.

Bobby Lamb


25--Sunday School
43--AM Worship Service

…Bro. Gene Murdock preaching for the AM Service; Joey Lisemby preaching for the PM Service.  Bro. Gene preached on "The Ideal Church", with scriptures of Acts 2:41-47 and various other passages. There are 3 areas of an Ideal Church:
1. Loving Church (one that cares about each other); the love of the Bible, must know God personally and must love each other.
2. Loyal Church -- Loyal in attendance, keep the commandments, gaining strength from each other, tithing, and attitude all play a part in a loyal church.
3. Laboring Church -- Loyal in missions, soul winning.

…We had several local visitors and from out of town: Reggie and Crystal Lisemby and their children from Chattanooga, TN.

Next week, seven children will be attending Psalms Camp (Lisemby’s). We are praying for them as they go.

Submitted by Jo Ann Johnson


Fellowship Bible Baptist Church at Star City

Is it not wonderful to be a Christian? Every day I get to spend with my church family knowing I am part of God's Family is a wonderful blessing and this past Sunday was certainly a blessing for those that were in attendance at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in beautiful Star City, Arkansas.

…I also pray that the Face book Live broadcast blessed those that saw it and will bless the ones that will view it in the following week. This is a new adventure for us and we are still working a few bugs out.  Our numbers of views are growing weekly. We have a goal of 500 views a week and I believe we will reach and pass that goal with God’s help. The video can be viewed by clicking this link.

…Our adult Sunday School lesson, taught by Brother Roger Newkirk was titled 'First Things First" and came from the Book of Haggai, Chapter 1 verses 2-13. In the confusion and pressures of our daily lives it is so easy to forget about where God fits into our priorities. It is important to our spiritual well-being to always put God first in our life. 

…Brother Ricky's morning message, titled "You Got To Believe," focused on the book of Mark, Chapter 8: 1-26. At this time Jesus had a large following of people astonished by the teaching and miracles that he had performed. Verses 1 through 12 recounts how Jesus fed thousands with just 7 loaves of bread and a few fishes. As soon as the crowd had been fed Jesus and his disciples entered into a ship and departed. In the following verses it appears that the disciples had yet to comprehend what they had saw as they were concerned that they had only taken 1 loaf of bread with them in the ship. I have often asked myself how did these people witness the miracles performed by Jesus while he was with them and still be concerned about such a little item as what they would eat, when they had just witnessed him feed thousands with so little. I do not think they believed at this time. A person must believe that God will see you through each situation you encounter.

…The Sunday evening Bible Study covered the book of James, Chapter 1.  This book goes along with our morning message on believing. James, a Brother to Jesus Christ, did not believe that he was the Christ when Jesus was on earth. Only after seeing Jesus on more than one occasion after his resurrection did James come to truly believe and become the leader of the church at Jerusalem. James Chapter 1, verse 12 says "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him."  When we believe with all our heart and put our faith in Jesus Christ we truly will find that all things are possible with Jesus.

…The last few weeks we have had visitors most every Sunday and this past Sunday was no exception. We all were so happy to see that our visitors had brought family members with them today and another family was in attendance for the first time. It does my heart good to see people coming to hear the Word of God, Some of whom might not have been to church in years. God truly is good. Everyone at Fellowship Bible Church prays that you have a safe and blessed week. And if you can, check on the elderly this coming week, the heat is forecast to increase and someone you know might need some assistance,

Brother Ricky Harrison, Pastor

Jim Russell, church clerk, reporting.


Bethel was blessed with eight for Sunday services. (3 visitors, Pastor Charles Calhoun's two granddaughters and a friend of theirs)

Fran Flowers


FBC Dumas had 136 for Sunday school and 186 for the morning worship service.  They met in the FAITH Sunday evening for a meal and watched the movie "God's Not Dead 2"

Jan Martin reporting


Watson Chapel

The 359 in SS was up from the 354 the previous week.  Pastor Todd Howard was gone with the annual youth choir tour in Mississippi.  Former Pastor Faler preached.

….This coming week about 60 or something children will go off to “Characer Camp.”


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church

Attendance was 53.  Wes Sparks preached.


Green Meadows

14 in SS and 27 to hear Pastor Russ Jasper.

James Naron


Dollarway  -- Nobody’s home for a few weeks.

Eddie Harrison


Kearney – Pastor Larry Heird


Altheimer -- Pastor Travis Thompson


Garey Scott <>

Polly and I were with Linwood Baptist Church this past Sunday where there were 11 in Bible study and a total of 17 for worship. Bro. Larry Childers and his wife, Brenda, was the guest supply preacher for the service. Larry resigned recently from Matthews Memorial Baptist Church. If you are in need of a supply for your pulpit, he's available. As he said, he resigned from the church but not from preaching. His name and phone numbers are on the HBA list each church has of churches and pastors from the Annual Report.

For those who would enjoy eating some fish for lunch on Sunday, July 30, Linwood Baptist Church cooks will be preparing the Fifth Sunday Fellowship Meal. Desserts are requested and there will be plenty of food. 

Garey & Polly Scott 
Mail: PO Box 3092, Pine Bluff, AR 71611

Home: 7211 Highway 79 South


East Side – Pastor Josh Dutton


Forrest Park – The candle has been snuffed for good.


Second Baptist – Long gone.



We had 10 in SS & 12 for worship.

Bro. Andy Vanhorn (Wildlife Officer from Gillett) brought a sermon entitled, "I Pledge Allegiance to Christ."  Brother Mark Estes (from Oak Grove) will bring the message next week.

Please pray for Brother Raymond Reed and Sue & Charlene Venable & Mary Hubbell

Submitted by Koletta Hubbell.


Yorktown – Pastor Robert Greene


The Refuge Redfield AR

Justin Ross Pastor

Morning Worship: 16

Elaine Hutcheson


Family Church – Pastor Stephan Harrison


Southside --  No Mas.


Matthews Memorial is once again without a pastor.  Bro. Childers resigned Wed. night effective immediately.  On Sunday we had Bro. Mike Manning fill our pulpit.  We really enjoyed having him and his wife with us.

…Sunday evening he brought a good sermon about pastorless churches and some of the things we should and should not do or expect.  We who were there appreciated the message and his willingness to assist us in any possible during this time.  Continue your prayers for us in this time as well as all the other Churches in our association who are looking for new leadership.


New Fellowship – Pastor Thirland McKissic


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles West of Star City, Hwy 11.

Eleven came for Sunday School, (Bible Study) and fourteen joined with them for a total of twenty five for the Praise, Prayer and Preaching Service. Eleven came back for the Sunday Evening Services.

…Hickory Grove Baptist Church will be the host church for the Sept. 12, 2017 Harmony Baptist Executive Board Meeting.

…The church is making preparation for the 145th Anniversary, Oct. 1, 2017. That will be a very special day for the congregation at Hickory Grove Baptist Church.

Bill D Hilburn


Shepherd Hill  -- Pastor Thomas Lanthrip


Rankin Chapel is in the Summer doldrums with attendance down to 28 Sunday. Two of our elder ladies, both in their 90s celebrated home going; Sister Minnie Rawson passed away and her funeral was a week ago Thursday. Sister Ruby Wood passed away and her funeral was this last Friday. 

…Sunday sermon came from 1 Corinthians 7 dealing with marriage.

Pastor Monty Meek


Victory – Pastor Chris Russell.


Oak Grove had 34 for Sunday School and 63 for Worship.  Bro. Michael Hayslip preached in view of a call.  The Church voted to extend the call to him overwhelmingly and he accepted.  Praise the Lord, we are all excited and grateful for our new Shepherd and look forward to serving the Lord under his guidance!

…The Hayslips are in their mid 20s.  They have been in Texas at Southwestern Seminary.  Stephanie is the daughter of the Easterlies of White Hall

Steve White


From Pine Bluff First Baptist Church... A. W. Tozer, an American Christian pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor, and spiritual mentor, said, “I can safely say, on the authority of all that is revealed in the Word of God, that any man or woman on this earth who is bored and turned off by worship is not ready for heaven.”  Someday worship will be an integral part of our everyday existence.  It will not be an activity that comes from faith, but will be a natural response that arises from first-hand experience with the living God.

…I preached on the subject, "The Parable of the Rich Fool" this past Sunday.  We had no moves or additions.  Sunday evening, we met in the church fellowship hall and enjoyed the third session of the Focus on the Family “Faith Lessons” series taught by Ray VanderLaan.   We also enjoyed ice cream fellowship afterward.  

This next Sunday, Lord willing, I plan to preach from Luke 18, the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican. 

…We will be having our quarterly church luncheon and business meeting this Sunday, 23 July, immediately following the morning worship.  

Bro. Kenny Bonds is teaching on Sunday evenings, August 6, 13, and 20 at 5:00 p. m.  We always enjoy hearing Bro. Kenny teach.  He will be speaking on the subject “What on Earth is Going On: Do Not Be Deceived,” three lessons from the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24.

Pastor Ken Thornton


Gould First – No pastor.


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 22 for Sunday school and 40 for Worship.

Mike Heird played and sang “He Was There All the Time” and the Praise Team sang “Shoulders” for the special music.

Bro. Hibner preached from Acts 18:1-17.  God intervening during times of discouragement.  Corinth was a very depraved/immoral city.  Paul faced opposition numerous time when he witnessed and proclaimed the word of God.  Aquila and Priscilla were encouragers for Paul; and so were Silas and Timothy.  The Lord blessed Paul’s ministry.  God has everything under control.

…We had 18 for evening worship.

Tommy Carter sang “Wonderful Words of Life” for the special music.

…Bro. Harvey preached from Mark 4:1-20 on “The Parable of the Sower”.  It’s takes both good soil and seed for a harvest.  Jesus came to sow the seed to humanity.  We need to listen and after listening to the word of God we need to apply it to our lives.  This parable is explaining the different ways that people respond to the gospel.  What we set our priorities on (place value on or importance) is what we will do.

Hope all have a blessed week!

Tommy Carter, Secretary, reporting

Harvey Hibner, Pastor


Family Time  -- Pastor Michael Williams


Claud Road was up a few for SS with 22 and 26 for worship.  Bro. Leonard Russell of Monticello was sick and unable to be with us. He has pneumonia.

Morris Conrad


Humphrey – Pastor Bobby McPherson


Plum Bayou

Sunday School Attendance – 37

Worship attendance – 45

 …We celebrated Vernon and Ethel White’s 67th Wedding Anniversary.

Bro. Seth and Bro. Vernon played several songs for the special music.

 …Sermon Title:  Be a Wise Builder and Laborer with the Church

Scripture:  I Corinthians 3: 10-17

1.      Believers were saved to be Builders of the Church-Verses 10-11.

The Church us the people not the building

2.      Believers Must Choose their Building Materials Wisely-Verses 11-12

Choose permanent not perishable materials

3.      Believers Must be Prepared for the Building Inspection-Verses 13-15

We are saved to do good works. Will your works withstand the fire?

4.      Believers, You are the Church-Verses 16-17. We are God’s temple.

The Holy Spirit lives within us when we are saved, but we need to fear

the judgment that awaits all believers.  Do you get it?  If you trouble the

Church you will face trouble yourself.

   …Sunday night we had the Samaritan Children’s Band to kick off VBS.

MONDAY NIGHT VBS Attendance was 54 workers and children.

Dianne Aiken-REPORTING

Seth Givens-PASTOR



Glad to see the numbers back up.  87 in SS and 123 in church.

We are in the middle of our vbs. 

…Pastor Danny Allen preached another message from a series in Eccles. 3.


South Pinewood -- Pastor Chris McGee


River Road at Redfield

Attendance is rebounding with the call of a new pastor.  We had 22 in SS and 31 in church to hear new and enthusiastic Pastor Shelby Andre preach from John and Matthew. 

Paul Forrest


Star City First

105 in SS.  In the midst of our VBS.

Pastor Marcus Rogers preached.


Anderson Chapel had 31 to hear Pastor Larry Wilkerson.

Bill Roberson


Greenlee Memorial

20 in SS and 42 to hear Pastor James Watson.

….5th Sunday night singing coming up.  Bro. James is going to crank up some homemade ice cream.


Immanuel – Pastor Don Taylor


Star City Northside

6 in SS and 12 to hear Bro. Matt Watson preach about the “Person of God.”  He can love. He can hate. He can feel joy or grief.


Shepherd Hill headed out to Spring Lake Assembly (camp) this week with a slew of children.  (Facebook)


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