Sunday June 18 Father's Day

The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association

June 18th, 2017

 (Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)

Plum Bayou

Sunday School attendance was 41.  Worship attendance was 50.

…We began the service with the baptism of Will Dixon.  His family came for this occasion. Welcome Will!

Debbie James spoke in Honor of Father’s Day.

…Bro. Seth used the children to present coffee cups to the fathers.  The cups were embossed with Father’s Day, PBBC, 2017.

Connie Carty spoke on the importance of the Baby Bottle Offerings for The Hope Center.

  We will continue collecting the bottles until the end of the month.

 …Bro. Seth chose Luke 8:40-56 for his focal passage entitled  “How to be a Great Father!”

1.      Fall at the feet of Jesus - this is what Jairus did.

2.      Wait on Jesus - there was a crowd but Jairus patiently waited for Jesus to take care of the people.

3.      Listen to Jesus - Jairus was told his daughter was dead, but he believed Jesus who said she was sleeping.

4.      Be AMAZED @ Jesus - He was right and the daughter rose from her bed and was fed.

Trust in Jesus who promised eternal life by Admitting and Confessing Sin and Believe Jesus.


Dianne Aiken - Reporting

Seth Givens – Our beloved Pastor


Pine Bluff First Baptist on Hazel St.

We had a great day Father's Day service Sunday.  Great attendance, several visitors, and one joined by letter

…My message was entitled, "What is God Like?" from Luke 15. 

We had an all-ladies choir. 

…Sunday evening service was dismissed.

Pastor Ken Thornton reporting.



43 for Sunday School, 78 for Morning Worship.

…A large crowd returned Sunday evening for our annual bacon and tomato supper.

…We recognized all the Dad's during our morning service and presented them with a small gift.

…We are looking forward to our upcoming VBS.  The dates are July 23-28, Sunday thru Friday 6:00-8:45 pm each night.

Marie Draper reporting.

Robert Greene, Pastor


Claud Road

SS had 23. No number for worship.  Still have several people sick.  Two are in the hospital.

Morris Conrad reporting.

Leonard Russell, Pastor


Hardin Baptist

80 in Sunday School (1 visitor.)  No count for worship.

Evening Services cancelled.  Father’s Day!

Sec. Greta Lisenbey reporting.

Johnny Taylor, Pastor


FBC, White Hall  

 Sunday School      202

Worship Service   321

 9 returned safely from a mission trip to Haiti where they have been working with Hope Rising Children’s Home.  The needs in this impoverished country are staggering.

 …We had 106 children for our Thursday VBS.

Ruth Monroe

Paul Williams, Harmony Moderator and Pastor.


Fellowship Bible at Star City

…It was a beautiful Father’s Day in Star City this Sunday and the Church was blessed to have a larger group of young people than usual. I know I was happy to have my 3 grandchildren with me. We are so thankful that some of our members that have been ill were able to return to services and we continue to pray for the ones that are still recovering.

….Our Adult Sunday School Lesson was titled "Respect Authority" and was taught by brother Roger Newkirk.  It was a good lesson for the times we live in because if you watch the news you cannot help but see the total lack of respect for most all things -- from our school teachers to the police, and right down to the rights of Christians to obey God. In the Book of Samuel we read about King Saul and his disobedience of Gods orders, and because of jealously for David he sought to kill him for no reason. When David was presented with the opportunity to kill the King he did not do so. Because of David’s respect for the king he chose instead to just cut off part off his robe.  Through David we see that we can affirm those in authority without endorsing all they do with that authority.

…The morning message brought by Pastor Ricky Harrison was from the Book of Ezekiel and Proverbs, and Ephesians. He titled it, "A Few Good Men."  In many parts of the Bible God is looking for a few good men to lead Israel.  It also takes a good man to lead a family and be a husband and a father.

God expects 6 things of a good man:

1-      To trust in and serve God.

2-      To have the Strength to complete the task that God has given you.

3-      To be able to supply for the family.

4-      Soundness in authority and determination to back it up. Don't let your children run wild.

5-      God expects us to lead our children so that they are not led by the world.

6-      The family, be a father and a husband to your family, asking God for the wisdom to be a good man.

Our evening Bible Study covered the Book of Acts, Chap 1. There we see that God expects us to be obedient. In verse 4 the apostles were assembled together and Jesus told them not to depart from Jerusalem but wait for the promise of the Father.  Had they not obeyed they would have missed out on the power of the Holy Ghost.  How many blessing have we missed by not being obedient to our Father?

May God keep and bless each one of you this week.

Brother Rickey Harrison, Pastor

Church Clerk Jim Russell reporting.


23-- Sunday School; 30-- AM Worship Service
…A former pastor, Bro. Gene Murdock from Pine Bluff filled the pulpit at the AM Worship Service. There were no evening services so members could be with family. We were happy that Bro. Gene's wife, Laverne accompanied him.
…Gifts of candy were given to all the fathers present.
…Bro. Gene preached from Matthew 6:9 and various other passages on "What does the word FATHER mean to you?"  Fathers set an example every day; The Bible is the perfect instruction book for raising children. It is a great responsibility in raising a family. Fathers should go to our Heavenly Father for instruction.  At the close of the message Bro Gene had all the fathers come to the front and Jan Russell and Jo Ann Johnson prayed for these men.

VBS will be next week, beginning Sunday, June 25 through Thursday, June 29 each night beginning at 6 pm. Supper will be served at 5:30. The church bus will run.
Submitted by
Jo Ann (Mrs. Leon) Johnson

Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 16 for Sunday school and 36 for Worship.

Mike and Zoey Heird sang “If We’re Honest” and the Praise Team sang “There Is Power” for the special music.

…Pastor Hibner preached from Acts 15:1-23.  This chapter is mainly about legalism.  Some were trying to mix the law with grace.  Anything other than grace is a form of legalism.  We need to meet legalism head on; and show that we are saved by grace only.  The Jerusalem council makes a decree / decision.  Nothing can be added to salvation by grace; but grace.

…There was no evening worship due to it being Father’s Day.

Hope all have a blessed week!

Secretary Tommy Carter reporting.

Harvey Hibner, Pastor


Rison Baptist

We had 80 in Sunday School and 115 in morning worship on Father’s Day.

Danny Allen, Pastor

Sec. Patsy Boyd reporting.


Linwood Baptist Church

We had a Great Father’s Day Service. We had 8 in Sunday School & 16 in Worship Service. …No pastor yet.  Bro. M. L. Faler brought the message. He was pastor at Watson Chapel twice and then after retirement at Matthews for a while and then longer at Oak Grove.

…The Fathers present were presented a Bucket of Juanita’s Peanut Brittle.

Deacon Wayne Mitchell Reporting


South Pinewood

We had a great Father's Day service at South Pinewood.  61 were present for morning worship and we enjoyed some excellent special music. 

…This past Saturday my wife and I hosted the Spring Social at our house.  We had a good turnout and there was more than enough food.  We enjoyed having everyone in our home for food and fellowship.  This coming Sunday, we are looking forward to our annual Gideon presentation. 

God Bless,

Pastor Chris McGee reporting.



We had a wonderful Father's Day service! We had 22 in Sunday School and 42 in worship.

Honored all Fathers with gifts and also the oldest and youngest.

Pastor Bobby McPherson reporting.


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles West of Star City, Hwy 11.

Attendance was 32!  Fourteen came to Sunday School and eighteen others joined with them for the Singing, Praying and Preaching Service.

…We honored the fathers and gave a watermelon to the oldest father, Loyd Owen, and the youngest father present, Gordon White. Each man and boy received a special book marker. The church gave the pastor a Good News Tee Shirt.

…The pastor sings with Brother Bill's Pals the Good News Song. Good Service!

Bill D Hilburn


The Refuge at Redfield (located in the old theater in the shopping center as you come off of I 530).

Morning Service:  24

Justin Ross Pastor


Elaine Hutcheson reporting.


Oak Grove, just six miles north of White Hall

Bro. Stephen Beavers, formerly at First Baptist Star City, brought the message.  Mark Estes and John Smith were out of town.  Steve White was on Gideon assignment at Family Time.

The Youth will go to Siloam Camp the week of July 4th.


Family Time

Bro. Steve White was their Gideon Speaker Sunday. 

He reports that Pastor Michael Williams had a great singing service and message.   

…Family Time is located where Ohio Street intersects with 5th and 6th street.


Altheimer First Baptist Church

Sunday School............14; Worship Service..........42

We continued our "Journey Through Romans" with Bro. Travis preaching "Part 5: Freedom is Slavery?" The Scripture text was Romans 6:1-23.

…The fathers present in the service were recognized and each one was presented a key ring with the inscription of "Men of Faith reflect God's Love."

Evening Service.............18

…We had 4 visitors from the Reydell Baptist Church. Please pray for their pastor, Bro. Bud (Myron) Calhoun. He is having surgery soon for stomach cancer.

We continued with Part 6, the Bible and History.

Adelle Taylor reporting.

Travis Thompson, Pastor


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church on Old Warren Road

Wes Sparks preached to a good crowd of 53.

Baby bottles were collected.

July 2nd at 2:00 p.m. – hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of horse activities.  Bring your horse  -- and its papers.

Hallie Burks reporting.


First Baptist of Dumas

135 in SS and 173 for worship to hear Pastor Dubs Byers.

…18 youth and 4 adults are on their way to Ridgecrest, N.C.  New youth director is on the ball.

Sec. Jan Martin reporting.


River Road

Reporter has been chilling out on Lake Ouachita.  Mrs. Joe Childers believes Shelby Andre is to preach Sunday.  SS has been 20 or less and worship has been 25 or less.



23 in SS and 28 in worship to hear Dr. Don Taylor preach.  16 back that night.

…The message was “Why God Laid Down the Law?”  from Gal. 3:17-29.


Watson Chapel

362 in SS.

Bro. Garrett Fox, youth pastor, preached Sunday morning.  Associate Steve Monk preached Sunday night.

…Pastor Todd Howard was among 34 “Builders for Christ” men from the church that headed out for a week of work rebuilding a church in Gatlinburg, TN., that had been destroyed by fire.


Northside at Star City

15 the previous week, but kids were gone so the SS crowd was down to 7 and worship 11.

…The message came from the last chapter of John.  “These things are written that you might believe.”

…Pastor Matt and wife Sandra spent the week helping Greenlee with VBS.


Central Baptist Church on the line between White Hall and Dollarway.

148 to hear Pastor Jordan Ferris.

…Super Summer Camp at Ouachita coming up Saturday.


Anderson Chapel

A little down at 28 to hear Pastor Larry Wilkerson preach.



A great VBS with about 30 kids and some good helpers, but Sunday’s attendance was dismal with about 20 in SS and 30+ for church.

…Pastor James Watson preached about Nicodemus.  Sometimes a father has to go out at night to meet with Jesus.


Rankin Chapel

Around 25 for church.  Pastor Monty Meek detests this summer slump.  It’s easy to get discouraged. 


Shannon Road

95 in SS.  100+ in worship to hear Pastor Josh Blevins preach from Mark 9:14—27. In that passage a father was concerned for his son who had been troubled by fits and seizures since he was a child.  Dad never gave up on him, though.  Don’t give up on your children.  Your Heavenly Father never gave up on you.

..Bro. Steve Church led in “Oh, How Marvelous,” “Hallelujah, You have won the victory,” and “I worship you, Almighty God.”

…A special gift bag was presented to each father.



Attendance was 8, including two out of state visitors.

…We had pot luck dinner.  We will try that each Sunday for a while with no evening services.

Charles Calhoun, Pastor


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End of Report


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