Sunday May 21

The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association

May 21, 2017

 (Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)

Watson Chapel

338 in Sunday School and more to hear Pastor Todd Howard.

…There was rejoicing over the profession of faith by a young girl.


Grady First Baptist

We had 10 in attendance for SS and Worship.

…Brother Arnold Chavers brought a message from John 12:1-11, 11:35; 37 and John 16:33.  The title of the message was, "The True Meaning of Worship."

Mary's worship was:

A.  Costly

B.  Personal

C.  Infectious

Jesus experienced hostility.  A Christian will be tested and despised.

…We are sad to report that Brother Raymond Reed is at Jefferson Regional in Room 3269 after having a stroke. He has been put on Hospice Care.  Fluid is building up in his lungs.  Doesn’t look good.   Please pray for Sue also. 870-304-6656.

Submitted by Koletta Hubbell


Northside at Star City

Matt Watson was gratified with the response to the singing at Cane Creek, although threatening weather kept some away.

…SS attendance was about 10 and 19 for church.

…Matt will have hernia surgery this Thursday.


Anderson Chapel

Deacon and Lay Preacher Bill Wilkerson got a last minute call from his brother Larry to fill the pulpit for him. Bro. Larry’s health has been shaky. 

…Attendance was good at 41.

…The Kinsmen (Monticello) will be in concert at Anderson Chapel this Saturday night at 6:00.  Then, a fish fry will be enjoyed by all.

…Homecoming has been set for June 4th.  Bro. Faye Collins will preach and a pot-luck dinner will follow.

Billy Roberson reporting.


FBC Dumas

Sec. Jan Martin reports 156 in SS and 180 for the worship service to hear pastor Dubs Byers.  

…The church has called a new youth pastor. Derek DeLaughter from Jayees, MS.  Derek will begin full time service on Sunday, May 28th.


Forrest Park

They had a fish fry on Saturday evening with a lot of Forrest Park folks, and then we had a great Sunday at Forrest Park BC!   We had 11 in Bible study and 15 in worship.

My message was from the third chapter of Malachi. My three points were:




…This coming Sunday will be the final worship time for Forrest Park BC and I will be teaching from the last chapter of Malachi.  Pray for the members of FPBC as they begin looking for a place of service in one of our HBA churches.  Pray for Pastor McKissic and the folks from New Fellowship as they move to the FPBC location to begin reaching their new community for Christ. 

Garey Scott, Retired Pastor/IMB Missionary



After a very stormy night we had 40 in attendance for Sunday School, 85 for Morning Service and 35 returned for Evening Service.

Our Wednesday night children and teens have completed their program for this church year and will resume in September the Wednesday after Labor Day. It will be strangely quiet on Wednesday nights until then.

…We are still in the midst of our Baby Bottle Campaign for the Hope Center.

…We are working diligently on Bible School preparations (July 24-28) and our Siloam Springs campers are anxiously awaiting to go to camp the week of June 5th.

Mission Awareness Director Marie Draper reporting.

Robert Greene, Pastor


The Refuge Redfield

Morning Service:  36

…Had good service.  Some Refuge members went to South Side's 100 year celebration. The Refuge is a church plant of South Side. 


Elaine Hutcheson reporting.

Justin Ross Pastor 


Claud Road

32 in SS and 34 for worship

…Baby bottle in full swing at Claud Road.

Morris Conrad reporting


Rison Baptist

73 in Sunday School and 107 in morning worship to hear Pastor Danny Allen. 

…They had a Deacon Ordinations Service during an afternoon service.

Pat Boyd reporting.


Fellowship Bible Baptist Church at Star City

Scattered Thunderstorms did not drown the spirits of our day of worship in Star City Sunday morning. The Youth were still excited from the bowling trip the day before. A few of the adults were moving a little slower than usual due to sore muscles from the same trip. 

….Our adult Sunday School Lesson titled 'Life In The Community" was led by Brother Jerry Roddy and the discussion centered around Mathew 25:34-40.  Loving Jesus means personally helping those in need. There are many examples in the Bible to illustrate how a Christian should respond to others. Remember, Jesus said "Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it to me."

…Brother Rickey Harrison's morning message was titled "Betrayal." It centered on the book of Genesis 27, verses 34-40. This Chapter of Genesis tells the story of Jacob with the help of his mother deceiving an aging Isaac into blessing her son Jacob instead of Esau, whom Isaac had chosen to receive his blessing. As we study this subject more we find that the actions of one generation can carry on to future generations. We also see that as with all things, in the end, God's will shall be carried out.

…Before the morning message we were blessed once again by 2 of our young people singing specials. I am always blessed seeing young people eager to serve the Lord, for without our young, there is no future for the church.

…The evening Bible study was on the book of Jude. As we study the book of Jude, we can almost see it coming alive to us. Today there are so many different people trying to lead us away from God’s chosen path and his desire for our lives. Today it is more important than ever that we study God's word and strive to achieve God's will in our life.

…Everyone at Fellowship Bible Church hopes you and yours have a blessed week.

Church Clerk Jim Russell reporting. 

Brother Rickey Harrison, Pastor


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 22 for Sunday school and 40 for Worship.

…Mike Heird sang “Call on Jesus” and the Praise Team sang “Indescribable” for the special music.

…Bro. Harvey preached from Acts 12:1-24.  The church was in constant prayer for Peter.  God’s Will is exactly that; God’s Will --  not ours.  Prayers were answered that night for Peter.

…We had 17 for evening worship.

…Bro. Harvey preached from 1 John 2:15-16 & 5:1-6.  Are you a survivor or an overcomer?  A lot of people are just going through the motions.  We all face trials and temptations; but as Christians we have a sure hope and foundation in Christ our Lord.  Without the valleys in our lives the mountain top experiences wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful. 

Hope all have a blessed week!

Secretary Tommy Carter reporting.

Harvey Hibner, Pastor


FBC Pine Bluff

Pastor Ken Thornton reports that they had good services Sunday and really good attendance with several visitors.

….Sunday morning, we recognized our graduates and I preached on "Wise and Foolish Builders", Matthew 7:21-27.  Our Lord was not just talking about building houses... He was talking about how to build a life.

…Sunday evening we had closing program for AWANAs and Kidz Jam, as well as Sanctuary Bells.  It was a great day!!


Plum Bayou

Sunday School-44          Worship-63   

 The choir sang the special today………..

 Bro. Seth entitled his sermon ‘The Purpose of a Preacher,’  1 Corinthians 2:1-5 was the scripture reading.

   In this passage of scripture Paul gives us some good reasons why we need preachers.

  1. Sound Preaching is not Eloquence or Human Philosophy
  2. Sound Preaching Has One Theme: The Cross
  3. Sound Preaching is Proclaimed with a Great Sense of Inadequacy
  4. Sound Preaching is Not Persuasive Words, But a Demonstration of the Spirit’s Power
  5. Sound Preaching Leads to Faith in Christ

Paul was educated in Jewish law and customs, but when he met the Savior he forsook that way of life.  He preached Jesus to everyone who would listen, from beggars to the Jewish hierarchy, governor, etc.  He told them all that Jesus was the Messiah and forgiver of all sin if we only believe in Him as the Risen Lord.  He came to simply preach Jesus, crucified, buried and risen from the grave as the payment for sin to all who admit their sin,  believe in their hearts and confess Him as Lord!  Plain and simply to the point!  Jesus was the ultimate sin offering. No more rituals for remission of sin ONLY JESUS!

 …Please pray for our church as we strive to renovate our sanctuary and reach the lost for Christ Jesus!

Dianne Aiken reporting.

Seth Givens, Pastor


Rankin Chapel attendance was a little low this Sunday -- around 30.

…The sermon came from Mark 16, John 14 and we had worship filling the house. We have several folks still out sick, ailing, hurting, even two at church with a casts on their arms. 

…Rankin Chapel will celebrate Homecoming on The Day of Pentecost, Sunday, June 4. All are welcome, a fish fry is planned.

…We instated Bobby Manes as a deacon and reinstated Lewis Branson as a deacon bringing our deacon numbers to 5. GOD bless you gentlemen.


First Baptist Church, White Hall

SS: unavailable

Worship Services: 321 to hear Pastor Paul Williams.

The Baby Bottle Campaign is underway.

Our Haiti Mission Team leaves in about two weeks. Please lift them up in prayer.

 Sec. Robin Bolen reporting.


Linwood Baptist Church

We had 11 in Sunday School and 18 in Worship Service.

…Bro. Shelby Andre was with us again and brought the message out of Jonah.

…Bro. Shelby's wife Debra brought a message in song before Bro. Shelby's message, a true blessing.

Reporting, Wayne Mitchell Deacon


South Pinewood

We had a great Sunday at South Pinewood.  Caron Taylor of the Hope Women's Resource Center brought a fantastic program about the work being done in this very important ministry.  It was a great blessing to have her along with her husband and daughter with us.  No one present thought to get an accurate count, but everyone was greatly blessed by Caron's presentation.

God Bless,

Pastor Chris McGee


Hickory Grove Baptist Church five miles West of Star City, Hwy 11.

Fourteen came to Sunday School "Bible Study" and four others joined with them for a total of eighteen for the Singing, Praying and Preaching Services. Thirteen came back Sunday Evening for the Sunday Night Services.

Bill Hilburn reporting.



Bethel was blessed with five for both Sunday services.

Pastor Charles Calhoun

Fran Flowers reporting.


Altheimer First Baptist Church for May 21, 2017

Sunday School............13

Worship Service.........33

"Journey through Romans, Part 1: The Gospel Revealed" was the title of the message by Bro. Travis Thompson. The scripture text came from Romans 1:16-32. 

Larry and Adelle Taylor sang "In Your Arms" as special music.

Evening Service........8

…We continued with Part 4: Who Is God? from  The Truth Project by Focus on the Family.

Adelle Taylor, reporting

Travis Thompson, Pastor


Kingsland First Baptist

30--Sunday School
29--AM Worship

Bro. Michael Crump from Camden preached for the AM and PM services.

At the AM service, Bro. Crump preached on the 7 Areas in Which Believers Need To Be In True Unity. Scripture was Ephesians 4:4-6 and other passages.

…A delicious pot luck lunch was served after the AM service.

…For the PM service, Bro. Crump preached from Mark 4:35-41 on Storms Of Life: Trials, Adversity, and Storms.

…Bro. Crump will also be preaching for both services on May 28.

Submitted By
Jo Ann Johnson


Shannon Road

89 in Sunday School and 110 in worship to hear Pastor Josh Blevins preach the first in a series from the gospel of John.  The emphasis was on the preexistence of the Lord.

….Youth pastor Micah Dixon did a great job subbing for Steve Church in leading the music. Bro. Church was away for a graduation.

…VBS planning and Camp planning are underway. 

….A group from the Children’s Home will be with us in services Sunday after this coming.

…Women of Joy meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Bobby Lamb present and reporting.



Sec. Greta reports that the SS crowd was up at 94, and more to hear Pastor Johnny Taylor.



SS might have been around a hundred, but 150 came to hear Pastor Jordan Ferris preach from John 6:1-15,  “I’ll Have the Fish!”


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church

Hallie Burks says a lot of folks were at the altar after hearing Wes Sparks preach.


River Road

Deacon Paul Forrest reports 17 for SS and 21 to hear a young man, Jacob Davis, preach.



Mrs. Naron reports 14 in SS and 20 for church to hear Pastor Russ Jasper.  Several out sick.  A few in the hospital.


Greenlee Memorial

18 in SS and 38 to hear Pastor Jim Watson preach from Psalm 62 “God is our Rock.”


Shepherd Hill

June 7th, water games and pizza, 6-7:30 pm

June 26 - 30, VBS pre K through 6th grade, 6 - 8:30 pm. No adult classes

July 5 Fun night for youth and children, pizza, 6 - 7:30 pm

July 17 - 21 Church Camp, no Wednesday evening classes

August 2 Back to school party, meals will resume.


South Side

Had great day 100 year celebration. Thanks to all that worked really hard to make this happen.

Elaine Hutcheson

  May 2017  
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