Sunday November 12

The Share Report -- Harmony Baptist Association

November 12th, 2017

 (Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)


Oak Grove

Attendance for SS was in the 30’s; 50’s for worship.

Pastor Michael Hayslip preached from Galatians 5 about the fruit of the Spirit. 

…Two teenage girls who were saved at Chapel’s recent Judgment House were baptized. 

…Packing the Operation Shoeboxes this Wed. night.

…Supporting the Hope Crisis fundraiser this coming Thursday night.

John Smith reporting.


Dumas First

SS attendance was 144, with 162 to hear Pastor Dubs Byers preach.

…An adult couple made professions of faith and were received for baptism.

Sec. Jan Martin reporting.


Plum Bayou

Sunday School Attendance – 32

Worship Attendance – 15 more for a total of 47

 …Christopher Alsup was baptized today.  We praise God for this young believer!

 …Bro. Seth chose the title ‘Are you Willing to Sacrifice to Serve Christ?’   1 Corinthians 9:15-27.

   Do you love Christ enough to serve Him?  We serve Christ by serving others.  What are you willing to sacrifice?

 1.     Would You Sacrifice Your Earning Potential to Serve Christ?  Verses 15-18

2.     Would You Sacrifice Your Identity to Serve Christ?  Verses 19-23

3.     Would You Sacrifice Control to Serve Christ?  Verses 24-27

Just what will you sacrifice for Christ Jesus?  Your money, your selfish desires, your need for control?


 Dianne Aiken - Reporting

Seth Givens  - Pastor


Watson Chapel

349 in Sunday School.  No worship count.

Pastor Todd Howard preached both services.

There was one addition by profession of faith and baptism  - a young girl.


Shannon Road

SS attendance was really down in the 60s.  Down in worship, too, at 87.  Blame it on deer season.

…Pastor Josh Blevins preached about the woman at the well.

…One young adult girl was baptized.

…Thanksgiving dinner at the church will be this Sunday night at 6:00.

SS Jim Wilson reporting.



25--Sunday School
40--AM Worship Service

…Former pastor, Bro. Gene Murdock filled the pulpit for the AM service; Bro. Joel Lisemby for the PM service.

…Opening prayer was by Treavor Calhoun.

Mike Curry read the scripture from Psalm 37.

…HONORING OUR VETERANS FOR: BRAVERY, VALOR & DEVOTION TO DUTY. Bro Gene preached on the spiritual and physical: FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!  Scriptures used were: Psalm 120:6,7; Hebrews 11:35-40; 12:1,2. We should look to Jesus, and be constant in prayer. We are in a spiritual battle.  It cost Jesus his life to give us spiritual freedom. LET US SERVE JESUS WITH ALL THAT WE HAVE!!

Submitted by
Jo Ann Johnson



What a blessed and busy day we had at Yorktown. We started the day at 9:30 with our usual coffee, doughnuts and various other refreshments. Sunday School came next with a total of 51 in attendance. Morning Worship followed with a count of 76. 

Choir members returned at 5:00 pm for a short practice.

…We then started our evening service 30 minutes early at 5:30 pm instead of the usual 6:00 pm so we could be at Kirkwood Baptist at 6:30 for their annual Thanksgiving Service and meal.

…We will be having our annual Thanksgiving meal at Yorktown Sunday Nov. 19 after our morning worship service. If you are in our neighborhood please stop by and join us.

Marie Draper, Mission Awareness Director reporting.

Robert Greene, Pastor



We had a wonderful service with 21 in Sunday School and 33 for Worship.

…My message came from 2 Peter 3:1-14.

Pastor Bobby McPherson


The Refuge at Redfield

Morning Service: 16.  We have few out in the deer woods Sunday and some sickness.

…We had a good service of music, prayer, and scripture.

…In the midst of a study on the fruit of the spirit.  Sunday we focused on goodness. How many times have you heard someone say “God is good?” This idea is nothing new. For thousands of years, this has been a foundational understanding for those who have worshipped God. This simple understanding: God is good - and God’s gospel is good news. 

…If you never have, check out our website.

…If any church in the association ever needs help or ideas for their website, I am happy to help. 

Pastor Justin Ross

…The Refuge will have a table at the Hope Women’s Banquet Thursday. 

…Will have our Thanksgiving dinner next Sunday 11/26.  We will decorate for Christmas after dinner.

Elaine Hutcheson


White Hall First Baptist

Our Sunday School average for November was 238.

The average attendance for Worship Services was 337  -- (Almost a hundred more! Lots of potential to grow in SS with just those 100.)

Sec. Robin Bolen reporting.

Paul Williams, Pastor


Hardin Baptist

We had 84 in Sunday School.  No count for church. 

…Lots of patriotic music, along with pledges to the flags and Bible.  Veterans were recognized in the service.

 Sec. Greta Lisenbey reporting.

Johnny Taylor, Pastor


Dr. Harold Mitchell

Thank you for including me still, Bobby. No preaching lately, but I did lead our prayer meeting here last Wed. and had a nice service last Sun. in a nursing home in which some of our members reside. 

…I'm very grateful for the Harmony association and leadership over the years.



Pine Bluff First Baptist

Hey Bobby.  Thanks for the reminders. They’re always appreciated. 

…We had a great day yesterday, attendance a bit off, but great spirit felt.  Deer hunters were missed. 

…I closed out series of messages through the parables with the message, "The Parable of the Net." Matthew 13. 

Youth Pastor Adam McCampbell preached last night and did a great job sharing about how to witness. 

We will have our Thanksgiving dinner this coming Sunday evening at 5.

Pastor Ken Thornton


Altheimer First Baptist Church

Sunday School.......  16

Worship Service..... 47 (Tripled SS?)

…Bro. Travis continued the study in the book of James titled "Faith in Action!"  Part 7 is called "The Tongue Test" and scripture was found in James 3:1-12. …Special music was "The Haven of Rest" sung by Judy Harden and Larry and Adelle Taylor.

…After the morning worship service we had our Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner in the fellowship hall.

Adelle Taylor reporting.

Travis Thompson, Pastor


Linwood Baptist Church

We began the day with 8 in Sunday School and grew to 14 in Worship Service.

Bro. Randy Rushing brought the message out of Job.

We are pleased to announce that Bro. Randy and his wife Regina have accepted our call to be our Pastor here at Linwood.

Deacon Wayne Mitchell reporting.


Hickory Grove Baptist Church (Five miles South West of Star City, Hwy 11)

Fourteen came for Sunday School “Bible Study” and four others joined with them for a total eighteen for the Praise, Prayer and Preaching Service.

…Twelve came back for the Sunday Evening Service.

…Next Sunday Morning a special offering designated to the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home and Family Minister will be received. The offering last year was $1,883.00. The last five years HGBC has given over $5,700.00 to this ministry. We praise God for the giving spirit of this church.

Bill D Hilburn of White Hall, Acting Pastor


Rison Baptist

We had 60 in Sunday School and 104 in morning worship to hear Pastor Danny Allen.

Sec. Patsy Boyd reporting. 


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 20 for Sunday school and 37 for Worship.

Lynn King sang “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb” and Mike Holcomb sang “It’s in the Savior’s Hand” for the special music.

…We had with us today Bro. Mike Holcomb and his wife Denise.  Bro. Mike preached from Mark 11:22 – 23 on “Faith.” It’s our responsibility as Christians to bear fruit.  Faith must have a foundation and our foundation is God and His word.  We must be free from all doubt.  We are to pray.  Our prayers should have actions to them.  God has a plan for us.  We are to forgive.  Faith in God is how we are saved.  You can do nothing without faith. 

We had 18 for evening worship.

Tommy Carter sang “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place” and Mike Holcomb sang “God Bless the USA” and “Lazarus Come Forth” for the special music this evening.

…Bro. Mike preached from several passages on “Going God’s Way.” Depravity and moral decline comes a little at a time and comes slowly.  Enoch had a continuous relationship with God.  Enoch recognized that God was in control of his life.  Are your still growing in Christ?  God is for everyone.  Are you running the race of life with your eyes focused on God?  Is God a guiding force in your life?

We’ll have with us next week Bro. Larry & Brenda Childers.

Hope all have a blessed week!

Tommy Carter, Secretary, reporting.



Pastor Larry Heird preached from 2 Peter the first chapter. 

…Attendance was down because one situation is dealing with hospitalization of a terminally ill family member.


Rankin Chapel

Bi-vocational Pastor Monty Meek preached from 2 Corinthians 2 about how the church should restore the fallen church member.

…Attendance was in the low 30s.


Whispering Pines Cowboy

We had 71 to hear Pastor Wes Sparks preach from John 4.

Hallie Burks reporting.


Claud Road

22 in SS and 29 for worship.

Morris Conrad reporting.

Leonard Russell, Pastor


Star City Northside

We had 9 in SS and 14 in worship to hear Bro. Matt Watson preach.

…8 came back Sunday night.

…We will be having our Thanksgiving meal on the 19th.

…Pray for those traveling during the holiday.  Hope for good weather.

Linda Bailey reporting.


Shepherd Hill – Thomas Lanthrip, Pastor


Greenlee Memorial

Our day was pretty average with about 20 in Sunday School and 50 in church.  (It was a different 50 from the previous Sunday!)

…My message came from Mark the 5th chapter, vs. 1-20.   “The Gadarene Demoniac.”

…We were in LR today for Mrs. Smith, our nursery worker, who had back surgery today (Tues.)

…Pray for Pastor Don Taylor.  He was back in the hospital till Saturday.  Still very weak.

Pray for retired Pastor Billy West.  Talked to him about a week ago at the White Hall nursing home.

…Wife Bonnie went to the heart doctor and was released for a year.

Pastor Jim Watson reporting.



Bethel was blessed with six for Sunday services.

Franc Flowers reporting.

Charles Calhoun, Pastor


South Pine Wood

It’s been a busy week and I’m running a little behind.  But we had a great Sunday at South Pinewood.  38 were present for morning worship.  That's pretty good for opening weekend of Deer Season. 

…We'd like to request prayer for our keyboard player – Cindy -- she was hospitalized with a TIA Mini-stroke and was not able to be with us Sunday.  Thankfully, it cleared up and she was able to come home later in the day Sunday.  We're praying that the doctors discover what keeps causing these mini-strokes. 

God Bless,

Chris McGee, Pastor


Green Meadows

Good thing we had a handful of visitors Sunday.  We were down at 14 in SS and 22 for worship. 

James Naron reporting.

Russ Jasper, Pastor


Anderson Chapel

Down again at 27 in SS.  28 last week.  Blame it on the season – the deer season.

Bill Roberson reporting.

Larry Wilkerson, pastor.


East Side – Josh Dutton, Pastor


River Road

We had 26 in SS and 33 in preaching to hear Pastor Shelby Andre.

The sermon was from Matt. 7:1-20 about judging others.

Special music by Patsy Dickerson.

Deacon Paul Forrest reporting.


Fellowship Bible Church Star City

This week I've been studying about the crucifixion of Jesus, and I'm here to tell you! It moves me. To know there was a man that knew me before I was even born. And saw that I was worth dying for! My, what a savior!  Come visit us Sunday @ Fellowship Bible Church We would just love to have you!

Pastor Rickey Harrison on Facebook

…A rain soaked morning did not dampen the joy of our members to once again spend a morning of worship and fellowship in Star City.

Our Morning Sunday School lesson taught by Brother Tinker Stinson was titled "John: Single-Minded Focus" was the 5th in a series of lessons on important people of the Bible. We are blessed to have Brother Tinker.  His ability to make the lessons come alive is appreciated by all that hear him.

Pastor Rickey Harrison's morning sermon was titled "Never Touched the Stone." The sermon came from the Book of Matthew . This was a particularly powerful message about the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. I urge you to see the message that was broadcast on Facebook Live at the following link.

…Our Sunday evening Bible Study covered Chapter 1 of the book of Romans. Verses 8-32 

…A lot of good things are happening at Fellowship Bible Church. We are blessed with some very talented young people and Sister Cheryl Owen is working with the children to produce a Christmas Program to be presented Christmas Eve Night. I am really looking forward to that.

Church Clerk James Russell reporting.


Gould First Baptist –


Central Baptist

124 in Sunday School.

194 in church to hear Pastor Jordan Ferris preach from a series in John.

…Thanksgiving meal and fellowship this coming Sunday evening at 5:00.

Sec. Carie reporting.


Family Time – Michael Williams, Pastor



23 for Sunday School.

22 stayed for a video. 

…Pastor Don Taylor was at home and feeling very weak and ill.  Send him an e mail of encouragement at

138 contacts were made.

…One member is in the hospital.

…Two Funerals during the week.

Catherine Florine Riley, 88, of Sheridan, AR, formerly of Pine Bluff, passed away Friday, November 10, 2017 at her home. 
…She was born in Pine Bluff, on April 27, 1929, to the late Walter B. Maupin and Margaret Brown Maupin Cook.
…Catherine worked as a switch board operator for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company for 36 years, until her retirement in 1985.
…She was a member of Immanuel Baptist Church, and attended King’s Daughters Sunday School Class; a member of AARP; Telephone Pioneers of America; and American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), where she served as a past president and was a recipient of the “Business Woman of the Year” twice for her Chapter. 
…In addition to her parents, Catherine was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Riley Jr., in 1986; brothers, Dr. James L. Maupin and Bob Maupin.
…She is survived by her daughters, Terah Magoun of Clayton, CA, Lynn Thompson of Lowell, AR, LuAnn Keedy of Sheridan, AR and Kimberly Majors of Paragould, AR; three half brothers, Mac Heird of Little Rock, AR; Vernie “Toby” Heird of Pawleys Island, South Carolina and Bill Maupin; one step sister, Crystal Stanfield of Sheridan, AR; 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.
…Services were held Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 3:00p.m., in the Chapel of Ralph Robinson and Son with Reverend Mike Holcomb officiating.  Burial was at Graceland Cemetery in Pine Bluff, AR.


…  Allen Loyd Wayman, 94, of Hot Springs, formerly of Pine Bluff, died Tuesday, November 14, 2017.
…He was born July 13, 1923 in Dumas, son of William and Bertha Frank Wayman.
….Along with his parents, Mr. Wayman was preceded in death by his wife, Genevie “Genie” Gray Wayman, whom he married March 14, 1948 in Pine Bluff; two brothers, Albert “Butch” Wayman and Roy Wayman; and sister, Rosemary Brockman.
….Survivors include his son, Michael Wayman (Donna) of Hot Springs; brother, Jerry Wayman (Kay) of Holiday Island; two granddaughters, Kim Jones (Cody) and Kellie Wayman.  Mr. Wayman was reared and received his early education in Star City, graduating from Star City High School in 1941.

…After his military service, Mr. Wayman moved to Pine Bluff in 1945. He worked for Martin Machinery for many years and later retired from Florida Drum as a maintenance supervisor in 1992.
He was a member of Immanuel Baptist Church.
A graveside service will be 2:00 p.m., Friday, November 17, 2017 at Lee Cemetery with Dr. David Moore officiating.


Victory – Chris Russell, Pastor


Star City First Baptist

 Sunday School – 98.

No worship count.

Pastor Marcus Rogers preached both services.

“Deer Hunting Fever” has swept across the county.”

…44 Christmas Child Shoeboxes were stuffed and delivered.

…A combined Thanksgiving/Christmas feast is planned for December.

Sec. reporting.


New Fellowship – Thirland McKissic, Pastor



Attendance was 11.

We were blessed to have Bro. M. L. Faler and his wife with us again.  He will return this Sunday.

…Brother Faler brought the message from Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43.

In this passage there were two sowers, the Son of Man and the enemy.  There were two types of sowers, the children of the kingdom and the wicked ones.  There were two harvests also.  The tares first and then the wheat.  The field is the world.  It focuses on the enemy and the enemies' work.  It also talks about the time he worked.  He worked while men slept.  He worked under the cover of darkness.    Satan loves darkness!  While we're sleeping, he's not. He's constantly on the prowl.  1st Peter 5:8.

…Ps 121:3  "He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber."   This may mean we are in an unwatchful state.  We are to be ready. 

…Let's look at the method used.  Satan is an imitator of God.  11 Cor 2:11  "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."  Satan sowed a plant that looked similar to the wheat.

…When you twist the gospel just a little bit, you can deceive.  False gospel, false prophet.  A tare and wheat look alike to you and me.

…John 2:23-24, Matt 7:15; 24, John 10:27 (legitimate voice), Matt 7:15; 21 (know them by their fruit).

…Disposition of the tares:

Let them grow together.

Matt 13:29   The angels will do the separating.  They will be gathered into bundles.  Groups can be identified by bundles.  Tares were gathered and burned. 

…Rev 14:14 "I looked, and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle."

"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."

Koletta Hubbell reporting.



40-45 believed to be in attendance.

Pastor Eddie Harrison preached from Genesis 20.

Abraham was at his rest stop.  There, he was refreshed and renewed.  He worshiped God.  He needed that because he was about to be tested at Moriah. 


Matthews Memorial –


Family Church  -- Stephen Harrison, Pastor

From a writer on Facebook.  “FC is exactly what it's names says - "family church". Some of the most friendly, selfless, caring and real Christian folk you will ever meet. You cannot walk in the doors without a warm hug or a genuine greeting, and you cannot leave without a blessing from the Word, or some sort of encouragement.’


From Bobby

I haven’t been able to do much for several days because of my lower back and hips.  Getting to the fridge for a snack has become a great challenge.  Ha.  I move very slowly (like that Sloth in the commercial) and have to hold on to something.  Lots of pain in moving.  I finally went to the ER and had more x rays.  They could only see arthritis.  I’m having to let so many things go.  Watching a lot of t.v. and sitting on a heating pad.  Lots of bedtime.  I’ll give it a few more days and then find me a spine doc in LR.  This has to be related to the accident with the riding mower.  Anyway, working on the Share Report helps.  I feel like I’ve been to church after hearing about all the sermons.


The End of the Share Report for November 12, 2017


Thanks for participating.


Bob or Bobby Lamb in Pine Bluff, Ark.

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