Sunday March 19

The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association

March 19th, 2017

 (Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)


Well, it's spring break time, but we were pleasantly surprised at our numbers today ...45 for Sunday School, 75 for Morning Worship and 40 returned for Evening Service.

…Praise report from our time of revival last week, one adult and 6 children were saved!

Marie Draper reporting.

Robert Greene, Pastor


Humphrey (On the boundary line between Jefferson and Arkansas Counties.)

About 23 in SS and a dozen more for church. 

Bi-vocational pastor Bobby McPherson preached from Luke 14:16.  “No Excuses”

…They were blessed to have one addition by letter – an adult female. 

…Until recently the church had not one person from the Humphrey community attending.  They all came from Stuttgart or other outlying areas.  Now they have 2 or 3.

McPherson, Bobby -- 870-344-2156


Rison Baptist

84 in Sunday School and 98 in morning worship. 

…Thirty-seven youth and adults were away on a mission trip.




 28--Sunday School; 31--AM Worship Service

…Bro. William Harton preached at the AM and PM Worship Services.  His wife Sherri was able to attend today.  His message was entitled "Adopted by Christ," with scripture passage:  Galations 3:22-4:17.

Bro. Mike and Leslie Manning, our Associational Missionary were with us.  Bro. Mike talked with us about the process of Deacon training and Ordination.  Treavor Calhoun and David Wylie have been elected by the church to serve as deacons.  Training will be held later, also Ordination Services.

Submitted by

Jo Ann Johnson


Plum Bayou

 SUNDAY SCHOOL had 40 attending.  We had a lot of people out of town but 7 visitors really helped.  Another 8 people came in to worship with us.

 …Our scripture was Acts 28:1-16.  “God’s Big Surprises” was the title Bro. Seth chose for this sermon!


1.      God shows us some Surprising Hospitality in verses 1-2

2.      God shows us some Surprising Harm in verses 3-6

3.      God shows us some Surprising Healing in verses 7-11

4.      God shows us some Surprising Honor in verses 12-16


   Paul and his 275 shipmates made it to shore after their stormy travels and a shipwreck.  They arrived on the island of Malta and the native islanders greeted them with HOSPITALITY by building a fire for these cold, wet sailors to warm up and dry their clothes. 

   As everyone was getting warm and dry Paul helped to gather wood for the fire.  One of the sticks was a serpent and it latched onto Paul’s hand.  Everyone waited for him to swell or get sick, but he didn’t seem fazed by this viper bite.

This was the surprising HARM. Because Paul didn’t get sick and die,  it was for God’s glory --not Paul’s

  The most important man on this island was Publius.  His father was very ill, but he took time to entertain Paul and the others from the shipwreck for 3 days.  Paul was able to repay Publius’ kindness by HEALING  his father.  I am sure Paul preached Jesus to the Maltese people.  A church came from this period of time and Publius was the first pastor.

Paul and all 275 others spent the winter in Maltese.

     Paul and his friends set sail again and were blessed with a good trip.  God HONORED Paul because of his faithfulness. Paul was allowed to live in a house instead of having to go to jail.  No dungeon, no stockade, but a house with a soldier.  What a surprising honor for Paul.  Rome and a home.

            God loves you and is waiting to Surprise you with blessings when you obey Him.  Trust and Obey!

Dianne Aiken-Reporting

Seth Givens-Pastor


Claud Road

Great day at Claud Road.  32 in Sunday School and 42 in worship service. 

…Two wonderful messages by Pastor Russel. 

…We will observe the Lord's Supper this coming Sunday night.

Looking forward to great things happening.

Morris Conrad


Fellowship Bible Baptist Church at Star City

 A wonderful day in the presence of our Lord! We were so honored to have visitors.  We pray that they were blessed in a mighty way!

…Our Sunday School lesson was awesome this morning with open discussion about water baptism, & the importance of it. The Bible describes it as a spiritual burial and washing the old sins away. 

     The morning message was brought from Acts 16. Paul and Silas were placed in prison because by the hands of Paul a woman with the ability to see the future was delivered. She was a soothsayer, but became no longer a slave to her demons. After Paul prayed over her, within the hour, she was delivered! In the name of Jesus there is power to set the vilest sinner free! 

     The evening message was brought from Acts 19.  “What if Jesus came to your house?"

We find in the scriptures that there was a man that had seven sons. These sons tried to use THE NAME OF THE LORD for personal gain. They tried to cast out a demon, and the devil spoke and said, “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you? The devils attacked them and they left naked and hurt! You don't play around with the devil. And you don't use Jesus’ name for gain! However, the people that were there came under conviction and began to clean house! My friend, it's time for us to clean house! It's time to get serious about living for God. Play time is over. What if Jesus came to your house?

We invite you to visit with us at Fellowship Bible Church. 

Rev. Rickey Harrison, Pastor


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles West of Star City, Hwy 11.

Thirteen met for Sunday School Bible Study and one other joined with them for the Singing and Preaching.

…Twelve came back for the Evening Services. We joined together and gave $1831.00 to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. A record for this offering at Hickory Grove Baptist Church. We rejoice for the spirit of giving by the church.

Bill D Hilburn, Acting Pastor


White Hall First Baptist

 Sunday School average for March: 215

Worship Services: 302


Grady First Baptist

 We had eight for SS and 16 for worship.

…Brother Gary Goggans brought a message entitled, "Hope for a Lost World." His wife, Trisha, provided our special music.

…We enjoyed a great time of worship and fellowship.


Family Church/South Side Pine Bluff Campus

Stephen Harrison Lead Pastor

Morning Worship: 139


The Refuge Redfield

Justin Ross Pastor

Morning Worship: 21

Elaine Hutcheson, Secretary


Star City Northside

SS 9.  Worship 20.  9 back Sunday night.  Some out last week due to illness.  Pray for them . Some have medical tests this week.  Pray for them as well.

Linda Bailey

Matt Watson, Acting Pastor


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 19 for Sunday school and 48 for Worship.

Mike Heird sang “He’ll Do It Again” for the special music.

Bro. Harvey Hibner preached from Acts 9:32 – 43.   Peter opens the doors to the gentiles; but it was Paul who went to them.  Aeneas was healed by the power of God through Peter.  Dorcas died and Peter raised her from the dead.  Aeneas and Dorcas weren’t the only ones touched by God’s power; Peter was too.

…We had 10 for Evening Worship.

…Bro. Harvey preached from Exodus 2:10 – 15 on “Moses”.  Moses had a calling on his life.  God will not bless what He has not designed. 

Hope all have a blessed week!

Tommy Carter, Secretary, reporting

Harvey Hibner, Pastor


Oak Grove

  40 for Sunday School and 55-60 for Worship!



Another good day at Hardin. (84 in SS)  (Pastor preached about cleaning house.)We've still got lots of sick folks though. With Spring Break going on our attendance was a bit down.

(Big Saturday egg hunt coming up.)

God is good all the time.    

Bro. Johnny Taylor


Pine Bluff First Baptist

         I trust all are having a wonderful week and that you are enjoying this wonderful and warming (as of this writing) weather!  I am finishing series through the Epistle of Jude this Sunday, and following Easter, will begin a new series through many of the Parables of Jesus.

        We know the year is moving forward rapidly when we are already looking at Palm Sunday (9 April), Good Friday Tenebrae Service at FBC Pine Bluff (14 April, 7 p. m., “For God So Loved the World”, Communion will be a part of this service.) and Easter (16 April) services in the next few weeks.  

‘’’We welcome Bro. Adam McCampbell to First Baptist and to the church staff as our Minister of Youth and Outreach.  He has already begun his work with us, and I am very happy he is already an active part of our church and staff.  Adam and his fiancé, Kendal Doggett, are to be married on Saturday, 10 June, at White Hall First Baptist Church.  The church is invited to attend their wedding, and we wish them the very best as they begin their new family together.  Please remember to pray daily for Bro. Adam as he begins his ministry with us.

Congratulations to Bobby Gill upon his selection as “Police Volunteer of the Year” by the White Hall Police Department.  He received this award on 14 March.  

         The Priscilla Shirer telecast event takes place at FBC on Saturday, 8 April.  It is $15 to attend, and the deadline to sign up is April 3. For more information, please call the church office. …The Easter Eggstravaganza is also on that day, 2-4 p. m.  Bro. Bryan will meet with all helping with this event this Sunday night at 5 p. m. following Trinity Village.

FBC is hosting the “Coffee with the Chiefs” on May 2, at 9:00 a. m. in our church fellowship hall.  All of our church is invited to attend this meeting to hear from our community leaders, including our law enforcement, fire and emergency services.  These are always great and informative meetings.           

        On Sunday morning, 2 April, at 9:00 a. m., Dr. Carolyn Morrisey will conduct the Automated External Defibrillators (AED) training in the children and nursery wing of the church.  The AED is a device our church has installed in our foyer area that automatically analyzes heart rhythm and if it detects a heart problem, if necessary, will deliver a shock to restore normal heart rhythm.  The training will last about 20-25 minutes.  All interested are invited to attend. 

Pastor Ken Thornton


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church

49 to hear Wes Sparks again.

…Church robbery.  Someone took two expensive amps Monday night!  Inside job??


140 to hear Pastor Jordan Ferris preach from John 3:22.  “He Must Increase!”


Immanuel Baptist 

25 in ss; 31 for worship. 

Don Taylor preached Is. 65, “When Prayers are answered.”


Dumas First

104 in SS and 116  for church. 

Gideon speaker Sunday morning -- Roger Dotey.

…Pastor Byers was gone with a dozen others on a mission trip to Honduras.  …Sunday night, Brian Hargis, a missionary from Israel, who has roots in Dumas First, gave a concert with his guitar and spoke.

Jan Martin


South Pinewood

Chris McGee and wife Rebecca have been in Panama City, Fla., on Spring Break.  Rebecca teaches math and science at Monticello Middle School.

Bro. Lee Turner filled the pulpit.


Star City First Baptist

Polly reports 112 in SS.

Rankin Chapel

Pastor Monty Meek reports 40 in church.  The message from Mark 14   was “The Spirit is Willing!”

…After services a good group of them loaded up and went to Winterjam at Verizon in LR.  It was a great experience for them.


Retired pastor M. L. Faler filled the pulpit.


Green Meadows

17 in SS.  Up from 13 the previous week (The Narons were gone to Georgia).  25 for church. 

…Monty Killibrew from Mcgehee preached for Russ Jasper.


Anderson Chapel
Billy Roberson
 reports attendance down a little at 28.  Pianist Carol Leonard and family were on a trip. Michelle Lay substituted.


Forrest Park

Retired missionary and pastor Garey Scott filled the pulpit.


Greenlee Memorial

Jimmy Watson reports that attendance was down to 18 in SS and 35 in church.  Lots of allergy and sinus related illnesses.


Watson Chapel 

Michelle reports that attendance was up at 350!  


Shannon Road

Jim Wilson reports that SS had around 80 and a little over a hundred for worship. 

James Wreyford sang a special. 

Pastor Josh Blevins preached from the 5th chapter of Joshua.



Attendance was 9.

A delicious meal was enjoyed by all.

Bro. Bob Lamb subbed for Pastor Charles Calhoun and preached from Mark 16:17   ” And these signs shall follow them that believe;”


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