Sunday March 11, 2018

                     The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association
                                             March 12, 2018
(Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)

 Anderson Chapel near Dumas
Sec. Kay Lambert reports SS attendance of 22, with 31 for worship on March 11th.  32 returned Sunday night. 

...Bro. Monta Kellebrew from McGehee filled the pulpit and preached from Luke 23 -- "The Choice."
    The deacons met with Bro. Kellebrew Sunday night and he was recommended to the church for pastor.  The church voted unanimously to call him.  He accepted and will serve as a bi-vocational pastor.  He is about 47 and works for the Post Office at McGehee.   His wife Debbie works for the school.  Much to the joy of the church, the Killebrews will move into the church parsonage. They have no children at home but lost a son in a wreck with a drunk driver.
On Facebook he writes "I am proud and excited to announce, that I have been offered and accepted the pastorate of Anderson Chapel Baptist! All praise and glory to God!!!" 
26711 Hwy 54 w
Dumas, AR    71639

First Baptist Church, White Hall
Sunday School: 226
Worship: 344

Four new members welcomed! A family of three by letter and one gentleman by statement.
Sec. Robin Bolen reporting.
Paul Williams, Pastor

20--Sunday School
30--AM Worship Service

...Bro. Jimmy Owen, our interim pastor and his wife Helen moved their membership to our church. We are so happy to have them.
...Bro. Jimmy played for the song service and played & sang "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior." Our regular pianist, Jan Russell was attending a great granddaughter's baptism.
...Bro Jimmy preached from Matthew 22:1-14 and various other passages--Many are called, but few are chosen.
Gospel invitation is given, Gracious Invitation is given, Grand Invitation is given.
...A delicious potluck lunch was served at the end of the service.
Submitted by Jo Ann Johnson

Sulphur Springs Baptist Church
We had a blessed day of worship with 15 for Sunday school and 34 for Worship.
… Tommy Carter sang “Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending” for the special music.
Pastor Larry Childers preached from Matthew 26:36 – 46 on “Jesus went a little further.” Where is our prayer life at?  Jesus knew what was going to happen.  We as Christians need to go further in our spirituality.  We can’t go on in our own strength, only in the Lord’s strength.  What is the will of God for our lives?  Daily, we as Christians must seek the will of God.
…We had two (2) join today; one by letter and one by statement.
…We had 18 for Evening Worship.
…Brenda Childers sang “One Pair of Hands” and Tommy Carter sang “We Will Glorify” for the special music.
…Bro. Larry preached from Matthew 13:47 – 50.  Hell is real and it will be populated with those who didn’t accept Jesus Christ.  There will be a distinction between the lost and the saved.  Torment, wailing and the gnashing of teeth await those destined for hell.
Hope all have a blessed week!
Larry Childers, Pastor
Tommy Carter, Secretary, reporting

Whispering Pines Cowboy Church  (Just a mile and a half down Old Warren Road)
Pastor Wes Sparks preached from a series on John to a crowd of 59.
...One baptism this coming Sunday.
...Whispering Pines Cowboy Church is having an Easter Egg Hunt and a Petting Zoo on Saturday, March 24th from 11am-1pm! Mark the date and bring those kids out to have a fun time. See you there!!!!

Sunday School 38
Morning Worship 78
Evening Service 20
Marie Draper, Mission Awareness Director
Robert Greene Pastor

Dumas First
Pray for the medical mission trip to Honduras.

Sec. Jan was out.
Dubs Byers

Plum Bayou
Sunday School Attendance – 36
Worship Attendance – 47

 ...Doug Clinton was our guest speaker today.  He has a heart for taking Jesus to the world.  He read Psalms 96:3 to help us understand what his mission project is all about.  The Great Commission is a command, not a suggestion.  The only thing that really matters in life is OUR RELATIONSHIP with JESUS.  Doug has taken Jesus to all except 2 continents: Australia and Antarctica.  Please pray for 963 Project and visit their website 963 and on Facebook too.
     Hebrews 11 was the text for today.  We must step out on faith to take the Gospel of Jesus to the world.  Just like Abram Verse 8 when he left his homeland not knowing where God was taking him, but he trusted God thru faith.  Verse 23 when Joseph gave instructions to take his bones back to his homeland.  All are accepted into God’s family, even Rahab in verse 31.
Dianne Aiken  reporting.
Seth Givens, Bi-vocational Pastor

Claud Road
We had 22 in SS and 29 in worship. 

....We heard great messages by Pastor Leonard Russell from 1John 5:13.
...It was good to have Betty Reed back after a long illness.
...Augusta Weaver, Mary Hilburn's sister, is having shoulder surgery in LR this week.
Deacon and Adult teacher Morris Conrad reporting.

Rison Baptist
We had 98 in Sunday School and 136 in morning worship.

Sec. Patsy Boyd reporting.
Danny Allen, Pastor

South Pinewood  -- Chris McGee

Star City Northside
We had 7 for Bible Study / Sunday School and double that to 14 to hear Pastor Matthew Watson.
  7 returned Sunday night.
...congratulations to Anderson Chapel regarding their new pastor.
Adult teacher Linda Bailey reporting.

Hickory Grove 
Attendance was 21.  13 for SS.
Pastor Bill Hilburn
preached from Ephesians 5.
...Recognizing that the church has been blessed financially, a $10,000 gift was set aside for the Children's Home and Monticello.

Bethel on Oakwood Bayou near Gould.
We were blessed with five for both Sunday services.
Adult teacher Francis Flowers reporting.
Charles Calhoun, Pastor

Gould First -- Harold Chandler

Fellowship Bible Baptist at Star City  (located in the old Presbyterian sanctuary). Finally, we had a beautiful  sunny morning.
 Our adult Sunday lesson was titled "Our Healer."  It came from the 14th and 15th chapters of The Book of Exodus. The discussion was led  by Brother Roger Newkirk. We all know that God has the ability to heal every ill and solve every problem. We also know that sometimes Gods will does not match ours. Can we still praise God even when we are unhappy with the circumstances in which we find ourselves?
...Pastor Rickey Harrison's morning message was "Time is Running Out."   It was taken from the book of Genesis. God found perfection in Noah for his generation. We may not be able to show perfection in our life to God, but we should try.
...The evening Bible Study was on the 8th chapter of Revelation. The congregation is really enjoying the study of Revelation and are looking forward to the 9th chapter next week. As always, we would love to see you if you are close by.
Ricky Harrison, Pastor
Jim Russell, Church Clerk, reporting.

Pine Bluff First Baptist
Sunday mornings, we are in a series of messages entitled, “Facing Your Giants.”  We have already studied how to face the giants of fear, worry, anger and temptation.  This Sunday we will see what the Bible says about facing the giant of an unforgiving spirit.
 ...FBC Pine Bluff has begun a new 18-35 year Sunday School class, and it is already growing.  We are studying the Epistle of Romans on Wednesday nights following prayer time. 
...We will be showing the Billy Graham video "The Cross" this Sunday evening, 18 March, at 5 p. m. 
...Jews for Jesus will present "Christ in the Passover" on Sunday evening, 25 March, at 5 p. m. 
...On Friday evening, 30 March, 7 p. m., the Sanctuary Choir will present "Remember my Love" in a special Good Friday Tenebrae service.  All are invited to these special events.
Pastor Ken Thornton

Hardin Baptist on Hwy 270
We had 82 for Sunday School – but no count for church.
...We had a deacon ordination service Sunday morning for Gene Stewart and Blake Sullivan.

...The special music was by Joel Blackstock.
Sec. Greta Lisenbey reporting.
Johnny Taylor, Pastor

Oak Grove --
Pastor Michael Hayslip
was out sick.  Spent one night in Baptist Hospital. 
...John Smith preached.  His message was "Troubled Waters" from Mark 4:35.
In the 30s in SS and 50s for church.
...lots of hail damage in the area.
John Smith reporting.

Pastor Eddie Harrison
can testify to the damage from hail.  About everything he had was beaten up.  But we were warned by the weatherman that it was coming.  Makes for a good sermon.
...Typical crowd at church in the 20s
....22 years married to a wonderful beautiful woman. Happy Anniversary Cindy I am a Blessed man! Proverbs 18:22;


Grady First Baptist
We had 8 in attendance.

...Brother Mark Estes brought a message from Acts 1:9-11.
The days in which we live are astounding.  We long for His appearance.  We have the promise that the Lord will come back.
     When Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross, we became able to be saved.  Jesus came first to save the Jewish people.  He brought the gospel of the kingdom. 
 They were expecting him to rule.  The gospel is the doctrine of grace.  His return could be any time.  The promise of His return is found in the Old and New Testament. 
Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22
    Satan tries to confuse us.  Many scoff at the return of Jesus.
God doesn’t change.  Hebrews 6:18 and 13:8
We must believe the truth and share it.  1 Samuel 15:2.  Men go into error when they do not believe God is immutable.  Jeremiah 30:7
    The time of innocence ended with Adam and Eve.
God is not finished with Israel.
1 Corinthians 1:7-8
     If we will trust in Him, the Lord will put that love for Him in us. 
Hebrews 9:28, 1 Thessalonians and 4:16-17.
 Matthew 24:36 is referring to the time.  We won’t know when the Lord is coming.  Verse 42 tells us we are to watch.  1Thessalonians 5:2, 1 Corinthians 15:51-55.
 11 Timothy 4:8 tells us there is a crown of righteousness already laid up for us in heaven.  The Lord has put a desire in our hearts for His return.
Enoch, Job and Simeon were waiting for the coming of the Messiah.  Every true believer is looking for His return.
...Ukraine Mission Trip!
...Please PRAY for Master’ Singers as we prepare to carry the gospel in song April 16-27,2018 to Ukraine.  Each singer pays their way and all music must be memorized.  Pray for Michael Gott, the evangelist, his team, and all Ukrainian churches who are hosting us and working to share Christ with their nation. 
     We need committed prayer partners before, during and after this trip as the Ukrainian Christians will follow up on every written commitment to Christ. 
When we went 4 years ago, there were 4,432 commitments to Christ.  This number is not a typo.  Please inquire of God if you are being called to be a prayer partner.
Koletta Hubbell reporting.

River Road at Redfield
22 in SS.  33 for church.
  We had 2 visitors.
Special music by Rodney Phillips.
Pastor Shelby Andre preached  a great sermon from several connected scriptures in the New Testament.
...We are in the midst of cottage prayer meetings.  Last night we had 15 in attendance.  This is for our April 13-22 Tent Revival with William Blackburn.  Everyone invited to attend!
Deacon Paul Forrest and Deborah Andre reporting.

The Refuge at Redfield
44 in attendance
to hear a sermon on “The Prodigal Sons.”
 There are actually 2 prodigal sons in Luke - one son was separated from his father because of his badness. The other son was separated from his father because of his goodness. May neither separate us from our Father.
...We recently finished a expositional study through Ruth and will be starting Jonah after Easter.
Pastor Justin Ross reporting.

Star City First Baptist
93 in SS. 
Down from 104 last year.  Time change and illness a probable factor.
...13 of our youth participated in Winter Jam.
...Pastor Marcus Rogers preached.

Rankin Chapel near Dumas
Down a little at 28.  Pastor Monty Meek
preached from II Cor. 13. 
Sharon Burns played the piano. 
"Big Bubba" Wells led the singing.
...Pastor Monty was on the road in the big rig near Tallahatchie, FLA.  870-224-2393

Immanuel  -- March 11, 2018
Sunday School: 21
Morning Service Attendance: 249 (Is this a typo?)

Evening Service Attendance: 18
Total Contacts: 135
Message: Lost and Not Found - Jude 11 by Pastor Don Taylor.
...Also attended the Executive Board Meeting Tuesday at Family Time.

Greenlee Memorial
Pastor James Watson reports attendance down because of the hail storm
.  A half dozen members were having to deal with hail damage and insurance reports.  Lots of windshields were shattered.
 "A massive hailstorm rocked Jefferson County early Saturday night at around 9 p.m., shattering hundreds of car windows, denting hoods, trunks and auto roofs, along with damaging home and business rooftops.
The damage totals are not yet known, but early reports from meteorologists anticipate that it will be in the millions. Some of the heaviest damage reports are coming from the Dollarway and White Hall areas.
There have been no reports of serious injuries.
 A wide swath of the state was hit. The damage extended from the Oklahoma border to the west all the way to the Mississippi River to the east, mostly across a central/south central Arkansas band."  (Pine Bluff Commercial)
...James preached from John about the cleansing of the temple.  Many churches have gotten slack about what they permit in the worship sanctuary.

...Lucille D. Webber, 96, of Pine Bluff, died Friday, March 9, 2018.  She was a long-time member of South Side Baptist Church.
    Mrs. Webber was born April 17, 1921 in Pine Bluff, daughter of Felix and Mary Smith DePierre.
     She was reared and received her early education in Pine Bluff, graduating from Pine Bluff in 1939. Mrs. Webber earned her nursing degree from the University of Tennessee in the early 1940s.
     After graduating from nursing school, she received her commission to serve in the United States Army Nurse Corps. She was mainly stationed in McKinney, Texas. While serving in Texas, she met her future husband, William Webber. They were married April 8, 1944 in McKinney, Texas.
     After they were discharged from the Army, the Webbers moved to Pine Bluff. Mrs. Webber became a nurse at the Pine Bluff Arsenal. She worked there for over 40 years, retiring as head nurse in 1986. She also worked as a nurse at the Davis Hospital (and later at Jefferson Regional Medical Center) and the Area Agency on Aging.
     She was a long-time member of South Side Baptist Church. Mrs. Webber also loved to bowl and was an active member of the Pine Bluff Women’s Bowling Association. When she was home relaxing, she enjoyed watching professional tennis and college basketball on television.
 Mrs. Webber was preceded in death by her husband, Bill Webber, Sr.; her parents; step-mother, Laura Mae Wood DePierre; and brother, Felix DePierre.
 Survivors include her son, Bill Webber, Jr. (Shirley) of Pine Bluff; two grandchildren, Terry Wayne Webber (DeDe) and Carole Renee Michael (Kenneth); and great-grandchild, Allen Michael.
 Graveside services were Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at Graceland Cemetery with James Watson officiating.

East Side -- Josh Dutton

Watson Chapel
351 in SS.  Pastor Todd Howard preached.
...Mr. James “Rosie” Robert Rhodes, of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, born on September 22, 1920 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to the late Leila Sinclair Rhodes and the late Ira Clinton Rhodes, passed away at age 97 on March 11, 2018 at Trinity Village Medical Center. He was a past member and Chairman of the Deacons at Immanuel Baptist Church. He was currently a member at Watson Chapel Baptist Church.
     Robert grew up working on his family’s farm, Rhodes Dairy. He graduated from Watson Chapel High School in 1939 and earned a certificate from the Modern School of Business in 1940. He took a job at Newberry’s that Fall where he met and would later marry Ms. Helen McKinzie. From 1943 to 1945,
 Robert served in the Army in World War II. 
Robert was the beloved husband of the late Helen McKinzie Rhodes.
     He is survived by his sons, Wayne Morris Rhodes (Joyce Rhodes) and James Larry Rhodes (Joanne Craig Rhodes); grandchildren, Clayton Rhodes, Shannon Rhodes, Ashley Rhodes Coward, and Katie Ryburn; nine great-grandchildren; and his sister, Alma Ruth McKinley.
 He was a past member and Chairman of the Deacons at Immanuel Baptist Church. He was currently a member at Watson Chapel Baptist Church. He was past president of Watson Chapel Lion’s Club, and was involved at American Legion Post 32.
 Mr. Rhodes was preceded in death by his parents, his wife, Helen McKinzie Rhodes, grandson, Craig Strickland, three brothers, Ira C. Rhodes, Jr., Harry Dean and Carlton Rhodes and a sister, Mildred Shelton.
 Funeral services were March 14, 2018, at 2:00 PM, with Reverends Todd Howard and Steve Monk officiating. Burial was in Bellwood Cemetery.

New Fellowship -- Thirland Mckissic -- meeting in the old Forrest Park building.

Shannon Road
SS attendance was 93.  Worship 107.
Pastor Josh Blevins preached from John about the feeding of the 5,000.
SS Supt Jim Wilson reporting.

Family Time
Hosted the Exec. Board meeting Tuesday.
Michael Williams, Pasto

Green Meadows
12 in SS.  18 for church

James Naron reporting.  Attended the Exec. Board Meeting Tuesday.  Took note that a lot of pastors have not been attending.
Russ Jasper, Pastor

Pastor Larry Heird was out for health reasons.  Bro. Stan Motsinger filled in.
Pastor Heird turns 72 in a few weeks.  Heart related problems and blood pressure have become a great concern and he is pondering and praying about resigning.  Wife Christy also has some great health concerns and had to go by ambulance to the hospital the previous week.
....Attendance at Kearney is down to a handful, like several other churches.

Matthews Memorial  --Chuck Mitchell, contact.

Shepherd Hill  -- Thomas Lanthrip, Pastor.
Attended the Exec. Board meeting Tuesday

Linwood -- Pastor Randy Rushing; Wayne Mitchell, contact.

Altheimer -- Pastor Travis Thompson, Pastor.  Contact Avanelle Taylor is in California for her mother.

Humphrey -- Pastor Bobby McPherson

Victory -- Chris Russell, Pastor


End of Report for March 11, 2018

Bob or Bobby Lamb in Pine Bluff, Ark.

  March 2018  
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