Sunday, May 20

The Harmony Share Report

May 20, 2018


43 in SS and 78 to hear Pastor Robert Greene preach from Matt. 6:19-32 “Too Much Worrying!” addition by letter – an adult female.

...Lots of folks on Bro. Greene’s heart that are sick and in need of a pastor.


Star City Northside

8 for SS and 15 for worship to hear Pastor Matt Watson preach about the “Holy Trinity”.

6 back Sunday night.

...Hamburger feast this coming Sunday evening at 5:00. Y’all come.

...Some good news - Ruth Watson was able to return church. We have missed her for a few weeks because of here broken foot. It is hard to get places with a big boot on.
Linda Bailey


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles South West of Star City, Hwy 11.

Sixteen met for Sunday School (Bible Study)

Six others joined with them for a total 0f twenty two for the Praise, Prayer and Preaching Service.

...Eight came back for the Sunday Evening Services.

...Several people were not feeling well.

Bill D Hilburn


Plum Bayou

Sunday School Attendance – 19

Worship Attendance – 27 – Jimmie Hefner - Speaker

Scripture Reading: Matthew 14:22-33

Sermon Title: “The Danger of Watching the Waves.”

Sometimes God allows a storm in order for us to grow. We can do nothing in our strength but we can do amazing things in God’s strength.

The storm came as the disciples were in the middle of the sea. Jesus came walking on the water. Peter asked Jesus to let him walk on water too.

  1. power of faith in Christ allowed Peter to step out when Christ said “Come”. When Peter took his eyes off Christ Jesus and looked at the wind and the waves he began to sink. When we let fear cause doubt we tend to be powerless as a church.

Focus on Christ Jesus. Be humble. Be obedient. Love and serve our neighbors as ourselves.

STOP DOUBTING God’s power to overcome sin!

Dianne Aiken – Reporting



We had a wonderful service with 24 in Sunday School and 45 for worship.

Pastor Bobby McPherson


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 14 for Sunday school and 28 for Worship.

Brenda Childers sang “The Anchor Holds” and Tommy Carter sang “Jesus Is All the World to Me” for the special music.

…Pastor Larry Childers preached from Nehemiah 2:17 – 20. Nehemiah loved the Lord. Nehemiah knew God in a personal way and was in a relationship with Him. Nehemiah saw the need that Jerusalem needed. Nehemiah did what God had placed on his heart to do. God has a job/plan for each one of us.

…We had 16 for Evening Worship.

Tommy Carter sang “Like a River Glorious” for the special music.

…Bro. Larry continued his message from this morning on Nehemiah 2:17 – 20. Do people notice when our demeanor changes? Nehemiah went and found out the facts of about the city. The Spirit of God was with Nehemiah. The people in Jerusalem worked in rebuilding the wall in one accord. God had placed in Nehemiah’s heart the desire to rebuild the wall.

Hope all have a blessed week!

Larry Childers, Pastor

Secretary Tommy Carter reporting.


White Hall First

Sunday School: 200

Worship Services: 307

Sunday was Parent Child Celebration at FBCWH.

Robin Bolen

Paul Williams, Pastor


FBC Dumas

They had 114 in attendance for Sunday School and 116 for the Morning Worship Service.

A fundraiser luncheon for children's camp was held after the morning service.

Pastor Dubs Byers

Sec. Jan Martin



Brother M.L. Faler brought a message from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.

There is nothing in this world more important than love. There are three types of love in the Bible.

1. Agape-A God kind of love, I love you period.

2. Brotherly love-I love you if you love me.

3. Eros-Sexual love. Not talked about much in the Bible.

Gal 5:14

1 Peter 2:17

Gal 6:10

Love isn’t a fluffy feeling. Love is a way you act. It is an action word.

The significance of love. It’s not good if we’re not motivated by love. Love matters most.

The qualities of love.

Love suffers - patient.

Love isn’t jealous of others.

Love doesn’t make you think yourself better than others.

Love rejoices in truth. Let truth rise to the top.

The endurance of truth. Love will go through the church age and eternity.

A miracle- That reversed from the normal.

1. Creation

2. Moses

3. The apostles.

Love matters most. To love someone, you want the best for them.

Are we ready to accept other folks?

We need to care if we love folks. Show love so people will know we’re legitimate.

Koletta Hubbell


Claud Road

15 in SS and 23 for worship.

Pastor Leonard Russell preached a great message on evangelism.

Morris Conrad


Kingsland First Baptist

27--Sunday School
32--AM Worship

...Bro. Jimmy was away for a weekend revival.

...We had Bro. Josh Bolland from Rison preach. He used John 6:22-29 for his message scripture.

...Pot luck lunch was served at the end of AM service.

Bro. Owen played and sang, "No, Not One." He used Acts 20:17-21 and other passages--New Testament Evangelism, Simplify. There is Manner—times, humility and hardships.
Method. Kept back nothing, truthful and announcement.
Message. Repentance, target everybody and faith. It was a powerful Evangelism and message and we were in very low attendance.

Submitted By,
Jo Ann Johnson
Bro. Jimmy Owen, Interim Pastor


Anderson Chapel
We had 23 for Sunday school and 39 for worship.

...Pastor Monta Kellebrew’s message was titled The Message Of The Bible from 2 Timothy 3:14 4:4.

...Our Homecoming is June 3rd at 10:30 with potluck afterwards.

(Carol Leonard has been in the hospital with tick fever.)

Kay Lambert



We had 79 in Sunday school – no count for worship.

...Message by Darrel Ray from ABSC.

...Special Music by Joel Blackstock.

Greta Lisenbey

Johnny Taylor, Pastor


Rison Baptist

We had 93 in Sunday School and 135 in morning worship.

...Our Sunday evening service was held at the “Hub” where we met at 4:00 for a time of preaching, fellowship, games and food.

Pat Boyd

Danny Allen, Pastor


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church

75 to hear Pastor Wes Sparks preach from John 11.

...Recognized two of our girls who are graduating.

...Arena Day the second Sunday of the month.

...Trail Ride and all kinds of activities at Murdock’s Farm on the 26th.

Hallie Burks


River Road at Redfield

24 in SS and 28 to hear Pastor Shelby Andre preach from Mark 13 – the time the men tore off the roof to get a man to Christ for healing.

...Special music by the Pastor and his wife Deborah.

Paul Forrest



Pastor Ed Harrison had eye surgery last week but is concerned about his recovery. His vision is blurred.

...Wife Cindy sang “God Doesn’t Care!”

...Pastor’s message was from Heb. 11 – “The Principals of Faith.”

Attendance was pretty normal.


Rankin Chapel

It was the “Day of Pentecost” Homecoming at Rankin Chapel.

...Ray (Bubba) Wells led a great song service and Sharon sang special music.

...Everyone ate fish to their fill after a challenging message from Pastor Monty Meek.

...Pastor Meek was on the big rig with a load around Midland, Texas, when we talked by phone.

He was devastated and in grief. On Sunday he had picked up “Bubba” Wells down at Coleman. He was fine.

No sign of a problem. On Monday (May 21) he was at his father’s at Monticello when he collapsed from a massive stroke. The doctors say that he is gone.


Green Meadows

17 in SS and 28 to hear Pastor Russ Jasper preach from 1 Peter.

James Naron


Fellowship Bible at Star City

Attendance was 31 to hear Pastor Rick Harrison.

...Bro. James Russell was there but probably shouldn’t have been because of illness. On Monday he was admitted to the hospital at Monticello with pneumonia.


Oak Grove

32 in SS and close to 50 to hear Pastor Michael Hayslip preach from Gen 17 about the covenant.

...Former member Harold Ivy died from cancer at Fulton, Miss. He and his family were faithful members in the 90’s.


Shannon Road

87 for SS and 110 to hear Pastor Josh Blevins preach from John 7.

...A fund-raising fish fry for the youth was enjoyed after services.

Jim Wilson


Greenlee Memorial

Attendance is rebuilding after an episode of widespread illness among faithful members.

...Pastor Jim Watson preached from Mark 2.

...Getting ready for VBS.


Star City First

102 in SS and more to hear a challenge to grads from Youth Pastor Hays Linville.

...11 graduates honored.

...Mourning the loss of member Pat Cogbill, wife of the late Homer Cogbill.

Martha Weatherford

Dr. Marcus Rogers, Pastor



125 in church to hear Pastor Jordan Ferris preach from Daniel 9:24-27 --Seventy Weeks of Prophesy.

...We had a crawfish boil and sale by the men of the church to raise funds for the Children’s Ministry. It turned out well.


Pine Bluff First Baptist

Bro. Ken Thornton said attendance looked pretty good. He preached from Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 “Facing the Giant of Life and Death.”

...The church was blessed to hear the PB High String Quartet, led by their instructor, who is a member of the church.

...Adam McCampbell preached a great sermon Sunday night.


Watson Chapel

345 in SS. 450 in worship?

...Revival preacher Dr. David Miller preached about the dedication of “Rizpah” to her sons that were executed. She was a concubine of Saul and they were his sons. She stood guard over their bodies and would not let the vultures and beasts of the field get to them. We need mothers like that now who will fight for their children.

Watson Chapel revival services with David Miller.

...Pastor Todd Howard and the Mission trip to Guatemala departs on the 26th.

18 are scheduled to go.

...Good to have Bro. Mike Manning with us in the day services.



Bro. Larry Heird filled the pulpit. Attendance was 12. He will preach again this Sunday.



Attendance was about what it’s been for the past month. Charles Calhoun tendered his resignation so the church could make the decision about continuing with such a small crowd. He is about 80 going on 50, but felt he had done all he could do.

He and wife Eddie attended First White Hall Sunday. Eddie became ill and she was admitted to Baptist Hospital Monday.

Bob or Bobby Lamb in Pine Bluff, Ark.


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