Harmony Share Report for April 16

The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association

April 16, 2017

(Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)


Watson Chapel

Sec. Audra reports 449 for SS.  Worship count unknown, but the house was packed.  Pastor Todd Howard preached a typical Easter message and 4 teenagers or college age made professions of faith.


White Hall First

Sunday School average for April: 245

Easter Worship Services: 634

One young man was baptized.

Robin Bolen reporting.

Pastor Paul Williams, Harmony Moderator


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 16 for Sunday school and 63+ for Worship.

…Our Praise Team sang “Jesus Messiah” for the special music.

…Pastor Harvey Hibner preached from Hebrews 8:4 – 13.   Spoke on the Old Testament - conditional covenant (obedience to the law) and the New Testament – unconditional covenant (believe on the Son of God).  The New Testament covenant took the place of the Old Testament covenant.  The blood of animals is not enough to cover our sins; it took the blood of Christ for that.

…We had one man join today by statement.

…We had 16 for Evening Worship.

Mike Heird played and sang “To God Be the Glory” for the special music.

…Bro. Harvey preached from Hebrews 9: 27 – 28.  We will be judged once we die.  Death is not the end of our existence.

Hope all have a blessed week!

Secretary Tommy Carter reporting.


Rison Baptist

94 in Sunday School and 173 in morning worship.   Pastor Danny Allen preached from Col. 

3 1-14.   One young lady (a teenager) made a profession of faith and came as a candidate for baptism during the regular service.

…The church hosted the community Sunrise Service at 7:00, followed by a breakfast fellowship


East Side

Young Pastor Josh Dutton got to preach to 70 after observing the Lord’s Supper.  The sermon was from Matt. 12 on the “Sign of Jonah”  3 adults applied for membership and will be orientated in the new member class.   SS attendance was in the 40s.

…Bro. Sam  Beavers, son of Stephen, will return next month to do another internship.

…The church felt convicted to send an offering to help Ms. Hannah Baugh in her mission work in Kenya, Africa.


Anderson Chapel

It has been a week of concern and trials.  Pastor Larry Wilkerson had a heart attack Tuesday before Easter Sunday.  Didn’t go to the doctor.  Then had another Friday night.  Went to the hospital and Monticello and was med flighted to Little Rock Baptist Hospital.  Naturally, his condition has been serious.  His brother Bill filled in for him Sunday.  Total attendance from the sunrise service and the regular worship service was 38.

Bro. Billy Roberson reporting.


Humphrey Baptist Church

We had a wonderful Sunrise service with 29 attendance and a very tasty breakfast afterwards.  Then, 23 for Sunday school and 70 to worship our Glorious Risen Savior and King.  Our GOD’S NOT DEAD.  HE’S SURELY ALIVE!

Pastor Bobby McPherson of DeWitt reporting.

Bobby McPherson <bobbyfloyd87@gmail.com>


Family Church, Pine Bluff Campus (South Side)

Morning Service: 256

We are happy to announce that Roosevelt Brown will be our new Pastor for the Pine Bluff Campus.  Welcome to Roosevelt & Betty Brown.

Elaine Hutcheson reporting. 

Elaine Hutcheson <ehutcheson@familychurch.ws>


Kingsland First Baptist Church
The previous Sunday we had 32 in Sunday School and 42 in the worship service to hear Bro. Joel Lisemby preach from Psalms 3:1-8, "Help In a Hopeless Situation." His girls sang "Holy, Holy, Holy"

…On Easter Sunday we had 60 in worship  (no Sunday School).  A delicious Breakfast Brunch was served.
 … Bro Joel (or Joey) Lisemby (of the singing Lisemby family) has preached for us the past 3 Sundays.  Sunday he preached from Mark 16:1-9; Luke 19:29-31, 37,41-44, Matthew 27:17:21 and various other passages.
…The Lisemby daughters brought the special music.
Submitted by Jo Ann Johnson


Plum Bayou

49 in time for the Sunrise Service at 7am.  For worship we had 53 attending

Yes, it’s called Amazing Grace for a reason!   The weather was wonderful, the singing was beautiful, and the message was great.  ‘The Blessings of a Risen Savior’  I Corinthians 1:1-3 was the focal passage.  The church at Corinth had some internal issues.  They had a total lack of

understanding of the gospel and Christian ministry.   Pride was choking out The Holy Spirit and sin was rampant.

1.      The Calling of God – Verse 1- Jesus Our Risen Lord calls us to eternal life with Him.

2.      The Fellowship of Saints – Verse 2- Paul calls the church sanctified by accepting Jesus as Savior.

3.      The Gifts of Grace and Peace – Verse 3- We experience the grace of God by believing on Him. Man cannot make peace it comes from God.


        The choir special was ‘O Glorius Day’.  Kathy Harp sang ‘I Should Have Been Crucified’.  Both were beautifully sung.

 Pastor Seth Givens chose John 20: 1-20 entitled  “Three Things You Need to Do With The Resurrection”                           

   1. COME -v.1-8.   Come early. Come quickl. Seek Jesus. He has Risen from the grave.

   2. BELIEVE – v. 9-16.   When Jesus called her name Mary recognized His voice.

   3. TELL – v.17-20.  Mary immediately went to tell His disciples.


We must come to Jesus, believe in Him for our salvation and tell others what He has done for us!

 Dianne Aiken reporting.


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles West of Star City, Hwy 11.

Total attendance was 34.  14 met for Sunday School.  Then, twenty more joined with them for the Singing, Praying, Fellowship and Preaching Services. We had a total of thirty four that joined together to celebrate and rejoiced together as we worshiped the Risen Living Savior. A Great Day in the House of God.

Bill D Hilburn reporting.


Fellowship Bible Church at Star City

We had many reasons to celebrate Sunday morning in our adult Sunday School discussion led by Brother Jerry Roddy.  It was diverse and exciting as usual. 

…Our morning worship service was the first time that we used our new video system, which allows for the songs and Bible verses to be displayed on a large screen located on front wall of church. I think it is going to be a great addition to our services. Our song service was a great blessing for all as sister Julia Henthorn sang a special.  Plus, sister Shirley Newkirk also blessed us with her beautiful voice as she also sang a special. 

…Pastor Rickey Harrison’s morning message was "THE NAPKIN IS STILL FOLDED."

In the biblical era, to the Jewish people, the napkin played a very important role. At the dining table, when the servant set the table the napkin was placed folded and laid by the master’s plate! If the master had to leave the table and wasn't through eating the master would fold his napkin neatly, which meant he wasn't through and would be back. But if he was through, he would throw his napkin on the table. Wadded! This was the sign, he was finished!

John 20:7

And the Napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself! 

   On the third day, God the Father told the angel, "Go get my son!"

And that stone was rolled away. He left us a sign in the tomb! "I'm not done.

I'm coming back!” The Napkin is still folded! 

…The evening message by Brother Ricky was about what Happens the moment after Death?

Hebrews 9:27 “And as It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

            What happens the moment after death is determined by what we do before death. 

Man is going to die one time! We're going to face judgment one time! 

And immediately after the breath of life (the spirit) leaves this body! We are spending eternity one or the other places! Heaven or Hell. There is not a sleep mode we inter into in the grave, or purgatory that we are held in. There is no holding cell for the soul until Judgment! 

The Rich man awoke in Hell and begged for the Lord to allow Lazarus to come and dip his finger in water to cool his tongue, for he was in torment! 

But Lazarus was in Abraham's bosom. Hell, is a place where the fire is hot, worms dieth not, gnashing of teeth! Talking about death makes us feel uncomfortable.  We don't want to talk about Hell, but my friend, we better know what we're walking into with our disobedience! What you do with your life now determines the moment that Death takes your body. Where will you spend eternity?-----------

I pray that each of you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. And always remember. We serve a risen savior. 

Brother Rickey Harrison/ Pastor 

Jim Russell/ Clerk 


The Refuge at Redfield

Justin Ross Pastor

Morning Worship: 50

Justin will be traveling this week to FL to Church Plant conference.


Altheimer First Baptist Church

April 16, 2017  --  EASTER SUNDAY

Sunday School..................14

Worship Service................68


"Why Do You Seek the Living among the Dead?" was the title of the sermon from Pastor Travis Thompson. We were blessed with two specials. First the girls, Madelyn, Olivia and Hazel Thompson, Essie and Izzie Castleberry, Lily and Violet Jennings and Mary Elizabeth Taylor sang "Resurrected" then Judy Harden and Larry and Adelle Taylor sang "Where the Timbers Crossed".  After the service we had a Potluck Fellowship and an Easter Egg hunt for the young at heart.

…There was no Evening Service.

Adelle Taylor reporting.  Adelle Taylor <deltadelle@hotmail.com>


Claud Road

31 in SS and 53 for worship at Claud Road.  Several visitors for the morning service.

Morris Conrad reporting.  MORRIS L CONRAD <conradml@sbcglobal.net>


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church on Old Warren.

An encouraging 59 present to hear Bro. Wesley Sparks.

Hallie Burks reporting.


Central Baptist Church

Pastor Jordan Ferris was excited with 262 for worship.    114 were in Life Groups  (Sunday School or Bible Study)

Sec. Carie Reporting.


Shannon Road

91 in SS and 153 for worship.

Bro. Steve Church led the choir in an inspiring program.

A personal testimony by Marquetta Peyton was a blessing to all.

Pastor Josh Blevins is a blessing.

What a sumptuous feast followed the worship hour.


Yorktown First Baptist

Pastor Robert Greene enjoyed preaching to over a 100 Easter Sunday.  60 were in SS.

Reporter Marie Draper and husband Ronnie were in Kentucky with family.

Young Wes Cooper, a gifted young preacher from Kirkwood Baptist ( The Village ) will fill in this coming Sunday.  Pastor Robert left Monday to go Turkey Hunting with his 41 year-old son at Russell Kansas. 

(Kirkwood Baptist is not affiliated with the Association, but expects a new pastor to be on the field in May after completing work at the Kansas Seminary.  They are having 70 to 80 people, according to Bro. Greene.  He has given them much counsel.)


Dollarway Baptist

Pastor Eddie Harrison reports a glorious day of worship with about 50 present.


Hardin Baptist

Sec. Greta was away at Conway but reports 91 in SS and a great crowd for church – maybe 150 to hear Pastor Johnny Taylor preach about our wonderful savior

The church is anticipating a great revival May  5-7 with Bro. Allen Brock who did the senior adult revival.


Grady First

Just Sunday School with the typical handful.  No preaching.

Koletta Hubbell really enjoys participating in the Master Singers of the Ark. Bapt. State Convention.  On April 20th they will sing at the convention center in El Dorado.  Her friends, Jae Byers (FBC Dumas) and Judy Grimmett, now of Farmington, where she lives with daughter Lane, will be joining her.

…Concert of Worship Arkansas Master' Singers will be on Thursday, April 20th-7:00 p.m.

At the Eldorado Municipal Building Auditorium  -- 100 W. 8th Street

There is no admission charge.  160 singers will participate.

…Remember Pastor Raymond Reed in the nursing home at Star City.



About 9 for SS, but a good 25 for worship to observe the Lord’s Supper and hear a typical Easter message from Bro. Gene Murdock.


Green Meadows

22 for the Sunrise Service, then 18 for SS and 38 to hear Pastor Russ Jasper preach.

James Naron reporting.


South Pinewood

We had a great Easter Sunday at South Pinewood.  63 were present for the worship service.  Due to some rain early on, we moved our Sunrise Service indoors--better safe than sorry with that sound equipment.  My talented wife Rebecca has been working with her children's class on a special music presentation.  They sang for us and we had some other specials as well.  Almost everyone stayed for our Easter Brunch afterward and the food was fantastic and plentiful.  During the meal, some of our teenagers went outside and hid Easter Eggs which the kids thoroughly enjoyed hunting afterward.  Overall, we were blessed with a fantastic day of worship.

God Bless,

Pastor Chris McGee reporting.


FBC Pine Bluff

Huge crowd and everything was great at FBC Pine Bluff Sunday.  We had many visitors.  Sunday evening service dismissed. 

We will have fellowship meal and business meeting following morning worship this coming Sunday.

…We are hosting the “Coffee with the Chiefs” on May 2, at 9:00 a. m. in our church fellowship hall.  All of our church is invited to attend this meeting to hear from our community leaders, including our law enforcement, fire and emergency services.  These are always great and informative meetings.  Great opportunity for pastors to meet community leaders, come and join us!  God bless.

Pastor Ken Thornton reporting.



Pastor James Watson reports 25 in SS and 54 in church to hear a message from 2 Corinthians 5: 17.  If any man be in Christ he is a new creature.

…Remember wife Bonnie’s health – the fainting spells.


Star City North Side

Pastor Matt Watson reports 10 in Sunday School and 25 in worship.  Some new people.  And some not there.  Matt preached so hard about the wonderful savior that he lost his voice.


Oak Grove

Youth Pastor John Smith preached to about 80.  48 were in SS.  Mark Estes to preach this coming Sunday.


Star City First Baptist

Sec. Polly McGhee reports 115 in SS and a hundred more in worship (215) to hear an inspiring message from Pastor Marcus Rogers.

…Potential Youth Pastor coming Sunday.


Dumas First Baptist

161 in SS and 305 in worship to hear Pastor Dubs Byers.

Sec. Jan Martin reporting.



It was a glorious day on scenic Oakwood Bayou near Gould as 12  gathered to hear Pastor Charles Calhoun preach from John 20.  The Lord’s Supper was observed.  After services a delicious lunch   was enjoyed.


The End of the Report


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