Sunday August 13

The Share Report-- Harmony Baptist Association

August 6th, 2017

(Solicited, edited, and published by retired Oak Grove Pastor Bobby Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR.)


Garey Scott -- At Linwood Sunday I was privileged to be asked to lead the Lord's Supper service. I was also blessed beyond imagination when one of the men asked me earlier in the week to meet with his daughter. She had been asking him about Jesus. When we visited with the daughter and the husband and wife, asking the daughter questions and reading some of the Scriptures to her, her dad led her in the sinner's prayer. I don't think there is any greater blessing than for any dad to lead their children to Christ. I'm looking forward to the day when she wants to follow the Lord's instructions to be baptized. There were 20 or more in the worship service.

…Pray for Linwood that the Pastor Search Committee will spend time praying for God's man to be revealed to them.

Bro. Garey Scott was one of a good crowd that attended the HBA Executive Board meeting at PB FBC.


FBC Pine Bluff had another great day Sunday, August 6thOne joined by letter. 

…I preached on the topic of the rich man and Lazarus. 

Bro. Kenny Bonds spoke in the evening service -- the first of three messages from Matthew 24.  It was very well presented and enjoyed by all. 

…We received a blessing for hosting Harmony Baptist Association Executive Board meeting (Tuesday 8 August)!  Great crowd. Great fellowship.

Pastor Ken Thornton



Our attendance in SS was 12 and we had 15 for worship.

…Brother Lee Turner, an excellent and popular lay speaker from Chapel, brought the message based upon Mark 15:25-34.  There is no hope for the souls of man except by the cross.  The price was paid by the Lamb of God.

1.  Jesus was numbered with the transgressors.  Jesus is eternal.  He coexisted with the Father from the beginning. Jesus in our heart is the Holy Spirit.  Ephesians tells us that we are "sealed by the Holy Spirit." Where is Jesus?  He's risen from the dead. He's waiting for the curtain to close on this earth and then He's coming back.  All three men on the cross were condemned and all three died.  Isaiah 53 describes the sacrifice of the Messiah.  ...with His stripes we are healed.  All we like sheep have gone astray.  He was stricken for our transgressions.  He was numbered with the transgressors.  Jesus was one of us.  He was fully human, which qualified Him to pay for my sin, yet He was sinless in all things.

2.  He endured the darkness.  God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.  Exodus 10:22 tells about the plague of darkness.  It was a supernatural darkness which lasted for three days.

There are some kinds of darkness that you can feel. In prison, some cells contain spiritual darkness.  There is light in spiritual light.  The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  When we walk in the light, it pushes back spiritual darkness.

Jesus endured spiritual darkness so we don't have to endure it.  The 9th hour references the period of time from noon till 3 p.m.  Mark 15:29-31, Jesus was even mocked by the religious leaders.  In our darkest hour, we have hope through Jesus.

3.  Jesus endured separation from the Father for us.  Jesus endured the agony of spiritual death for us.  He paid the physical cost and took our sin upon Him.  God is holy and just and our sins were placed upon Jesus and He endured it.  We can compare how He felt in being separated from the Father to the anguished cries of a child being separated from his parents and grandparents by the Department of Human Services.  Jesus endured darkness so we could walk in the light.

We learned last Thursday evening August 10, that Pastor Raymond Reed went to be with his Lord. Pray for Sue as arrangements are made both for her living and for Pastor Reed’s service.

Submitted by Koletta Bitely Hubbell


Mary Margaret Hubbell, 87 of Crossett, formerly of Grady, passed away, Monday July 31, 2017.  She was the mother of Koletta’s ex-husband.

 ….Born November 13, 1929 at Yell County, she was a daughter of the late Sylvan Duke and Sarah Jones Duke

 …Mrs. Hubbell was a member of the First Baptist Church of Grady.

 A homemaker first and foremost, she worked outside the home in the Grady School Cafeteria.

Mrs. Hubbell enjoyed quilting and cooking for her family and friends.

 In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her loving husband of 67 years, Arley Hubbell; siblings, Wilda Seaman, Sylvan Duke Jr., Hubert Duke, Glen Duke and Joe Duke.

 Mrs. Hubbell is survived by her sons, Billy Hubbell (Judy), John Hubbell (Dianna), Joe Hubbell (Karla); eight grandchildren, Jennifer, Griffin, Chris, Christy, Ben, Jacob, Jeremy, and Kale; numerous great-grandchildren, and many other loving family and friends.

 Funeral Services were Saturday, August 5th at the First Baptist Church of Grady with Brother Wesley Sparks officiating.  Interment will follow in Leek Cemetery at Star City.


Sulphur Springs Baptist Church

We had a blessed day of worship with 17 for Sunday school and 45 for Worship.

Mike Heird sang “Agnus Dei” and the Praise Team sang “How Can It Be” for the special music.

Pastor Harvey Hibner preached from Acts 20:7 - 12.  We all have our preferences.  Worship is to be a celebration.  Paul preached until midnight.  Come prepared to worship.

…We had 19 for evening worship.

Mike Heird played and sang “Til the Storm Passes By” for the special music.

Bro. Harvey preached from Exodus 2:15 – 22 on Moses.  Moses was the right man for God to use, but Moses here took matters into his own hands.  We can’t hide our sins from God.  Good intentions don’t always lead to the right outcome.  God can use anyone to accomplish His work.  God has a purpose for everything that happens.

Hope all have a blessed week!

Secretary Tommy Carter reporting.

Harvey Hibner, Pastor


Claud Road

22 for SS at Claud Road and 32 in worship.  Great message by Pastor Leonard Russell from Isaiah Chapter 6.  

Pray for Bro. Russell's wife Joyce as she will be having thyroid surgery on August 22.

Deacon and Adult teacher Morris Conrad reporting.


The Redfield Refuge

Justin Ross Pastor

Morning Worship: 22

…We will begin the study: Case for Christ for 4 week beginning Sunday, August 20th. We were able to attend the movie a few months ago

…Saturday, August 26th we will attend Amplify Festival at Holland Chapel BC.  Free concert in Benton.  Artist include Zach Williams, Matt Maher, Crowder and Jamie Grace.  


Sec. Elaine Hutcheson reporting.


Harold Mitchell and the RLW Prison Ministry

 I have prayer requests for the men under 18yrs, listed as juveniles.  They have been very responsive to the Kairos meetings, and, as you remember, we have baptized several in the last months.

Sadly, last week many of them got into fights and are in lock down. I met a young man Saturday who has been baptized 6 times. Pray for me as I have the chance to council him and help him understand his spiritual condition.

Rene’ and I will be moving to Maumelle at the end of this month.  God sold our house and things are moving quickly for us to downsize and be near our son, daughter, and 13 year-old granddaughter. We need strength and emotional support as we change places after living here 16 yrs. The longest we have lived anywhere in 59 years!

…We love our association and all the brothers and sisters who have blessed us with prayer for so many years.

Dr. Harold Mitchell, retired foreign medical missionary affiliated with PBFB Church.


Rison Baptist had 68 in Sunday School and 113 in morning worship

Sec. Pat Boyd reporting.

Danny Allen, Pastor


FBC Dumas had 151 for Sunday school and 177 for the worship service.  

Sec. Jan Martin reporting.

Dubs Byers, Pastor


Altheimer First Baptist Church

Sunday School ................13

Worship Service..............34

Pastor Travis Thompson continued our "Journey through Romans" with Part 12: Love for Everyone. The scripture text was Romans 12:14-16.

…Special music was "It Will Be Worth It All", sung by Judy Harden. 

Evening Service.......11

We viewed Part 11 of the Truth Project, Created to Create.

Adelle Taylor, reporting.

Travis Thompson, Pastor


Plum Bayou

Sunday School Attendance – 33

Worship Attendance – 49

Focal scriptures for the sermon – I Corinthians 4:6-13   Title – “Take Time to be Humble”

  The Corinthian Church had all of the bad things happening to cause division in their church.  We can either use their experience as a warning or a road map for our church today.  So let us learn to be humble instead of gossiping, overusing the willing workers, or choosing to follow men instead of GOD.

1.      To Be Humble Means to Stop Being Conceited.  Vs 6-8.  We are all Servants of God -- only Stewards.

2.      To Be Humble Means to Embrace Our Death Sentence.  Vs. 9-10 Without Christ we are dead in Sin.

3.      To Be Humble Means to Be Willing to Get Your Hands Dirty.  Vs. 11-13 Manual Work is for Slaves and we are slaves to Christ who died for our sins. So get busy for The Lord, be a neighbor, live a life of honor to God, tell people what Christ has done for you…Everyone has a story to tell…..

Praise God for The Bible -- our instruction manual for living for HIM………READ IT DAILY and pray for others.

 Dianne Aiken reporting.

Seth Givens, Pastor


Star City Fellowship Bible

One of the most popular hymns at our church is Amazing Grace.  The adult Sunday School lesson this week led by Brother Tinker Stinson was titled "The Gift of Grace" and was from 2nd Corinthians, chap. 12:2-10.  God's Grace is indeed an amazing gift. Without God's Grace we would never experience the true and lasting joy that can be found in a relationship with Jesus. 

Pastor Rick Harrison's morning message was a good one. Here is what he had to say to a friend on Facebook.  "What a wonderful day we spent with the Lord yesterday. We so often get so busy in our everyday lives that God becomes number two instead of number one! When we make Him number one, then everything else falls into place. Yesterday the message was about "Why go to church." So many go for the wrong reasons! My name is on the pew. I have too much invested there, etc! Does that sound familiar? God wants YOU to come and worship Him, make a joyful noise in song, lifting up holy hands before Him! These things cost nothing but your time. So, with that being said, we invite you out to join us at fellowship Bible church. If you are shut in and can't come, we invite you to listen to us Facebook live! Right here."

We also would love to hear from you! Drop us a note here. God Bless! 

The evening Bible Study was from the book of Ephesians, Chapter 2:  

While Brother Rickey covered this chapter I could not help but to think of some of my Christian brothers, specifically the ones I knew before they came to know Christ.  What a change they have made in their lifestyle. If you claim to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have not seen a major change in your life. Maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities. Man is born with an evil nature. Once you truly give your heart, soul, and life to God. There will be change.  Change for the better.

Being the first Sunday of the month, we collected the children's offering. I was blessed to have my 3 grandchildren with me this Sunday.  That gave us 9 young people in attendance, even though a few of our regulars were missing. I so enjoy seeing the church of tomorrow as they come to know and grow in Jesus Christ. May God Bless you and yours this coming week.

 Today's report was written by

Pastor Rickey Harrison and Church Clerk, Jim Russell.


Bethel was blessed with four for Bible study and five for Worship Service(Mrs. Gladys Pickens, widow of Deacon Jimmy Pickens, was out sick.  She is dear to us.)

Fran Flowers reporting.

Charles Calhoun, Pastor


White Hall First Baptist

Sunday School: 227

Worship Services: 338  (111 prospects for SS!)

Sec. Robin Bolen reporting

Paul Williams, Pastor


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, five miles West Star City, Hwy 11.

Fifteen met for Sunday School (Bible Study) and eight others joined with them for a total of twenty three for the Praise, Prayer and Preaching Service.

Twelve came back Sunday night for the services.

The message Sunday Morning and Evening, was about The Person, Ministry and Work of the Holy Spirit -- the Third Person of the Trinity.

Bill Hilburn



Sunday School 43,

Morning Worship 63,

Evening Worship 30.

A slight hint of fall is in the air and that finds us looking forward to the new church year the first Sunday in September.

…Our children and teen programs will start back on Wednesday night, Sept. 6th and our Women on Mission group will be starting back (date to be announced). Thank you Lord for all the blessings this summer!

Marie Draper (Mission Awareness Director) reporting.

Robert Greene, Pastor

(Pray for Pastor Greene’s health.  He has lost weight and sometimes has to have a cane.  But it was good to see him at the Exec. Board Meeting Tuesday.


24--Sunday School
38--AM Worship

We were privileged to have Joe Mitchell, a Gideon speaker from Conway speak today. Joe was born & raised in Kingsland, now resides with his wife, Esther in Conway.

Joe gave many interesting facts about the Gideon work in the US and around the world.

Bro. Joel Lisemby preached in the PM service.

Submitted by
Jo Ann Johnson


Shannon Road

Down from a hundred to 79 in SS.  Maybe less than a hundred for church.

Pastor Josh Blevin’s message was from John 1:35-42  “John’s Testimony Concerning Jesus.”

…Steve Church sang “The Old Man is Dead.”  No, that’s not talking about anyone in the church.  It’s talking about the old nature that would like to control us.


Whispering Pines Cowboy Church had 58.  Message by Wes Sparks.

Goat tying clinic spectacular coming up on the 26th.  What fun to watch.  No, this has nothing to do with stubborn church members.


River Road had home coming 45 in church.  23 made it to SS.  Pot Luck lunch was enjoyed.  Pastor Shelby Andre preached.

Paul Forrest reporting.


Hardin Baptist

No worship counter, but 83 in SS. (up from 80)

Pastor Johnny Taylor preached another message from a “Faith” series.

 Sec. Greta Lisenbey


Green Meadows had 22 in SS and 26 in church.  Pastor Russ Jasper preached about the woman at the well.

…As usual, James Naron attended the Exec. Board Meeting at PBFB.  He said that two main things were on the agenda.  One was information about the new property for the Hope Crisis Center.  The other was about the doctrinal stability of the Family Church that has petitioned to become a member of Harmony Association.  Senior Pastor Stephen Harrison fielded many questions from the pastors and answered them all satisfactorily.

Deacon James Naron reporting.


Star City Northside

14 for church.  7 of them made it to SS.

Pastor Matt Watson preached “Jesus.”


Star City First

116 in SS and 160 in church.

Good to see Pastor Marcus Rogers at the Harmony Exec. Board Meeting at PBFB on Tuesday.


Central had 90 for Life Groups and 125 for worship.  Everyone was blessed to hear from Bro. Tee (nickname) from UAPB.  What a spirit he has, and such a wonderful family!  You should have him at your church.

…The church mourns the passing of regular member Beverly Kennedy.  She was only 62.

Obituary for Beverly Ann Wayman Kennedy

…Beverly Ann Wayman Kennedy, 62, of White Hall, Arkansas, went to be with the Lord Saturday, August 5, 2017, at Cavalier Healthcare in England, Arkansas.

….Beverly was born April 16, 1955, in Forrest City, Arkansas, to the late Albert “Butch” and Margaret Ann Brown Wayman.

 …She was reared and received her education in Forrest City, where she graduated from Forrest City High School.
…Beverly was a homemaker and a very special one at that. Her world revolved around her children and grandchildren. She was a very devoted, loving and caring mother and grandmother who never missed any of their events and was always dedicated to whatever was going on in their lives.
She was a dedicated member of Central Baptist Church, where she worked in the nursery. She loved those babies and they loved her. 
…Beverly is survived by the loves of her life, daughters, Summer (Jason) Lay of Glendale and Angela (Billy) Jacobs of Sherwood; her grandchildren, Garrett, Christian, Jacob, Madelyn, Cheyann, and Jagger; her brother, Mark (Mary) Wayman of Forrest City; two nieces of whom she raised, Chelsea Wayman and her fiancée Cody White of Sheridan and Payton Gober of White Hall; and a host of extended family and friends.
…She was preceded in death by her parents and a daughter, Chasity LeAnn Busby.
…The family will receive friends Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 5:00 – 7:00 PM, at Robinson’s.
…Funeral services will be Thursday, August 10, 2017, 3:00 PM, in the Chapel of Ralph Robinson & Son with Reverend Kent Dixon officiating. 
…At the request of the family, please do not send flowers to the funeral. Instead please send donations to


Immanuel Baptist had 23 in SS and 26 in church.  Pastor Don Taylor preached on the “Fruit of the Spirit.”

…On Aug 27th composing and recording artist Enoch Fernando will be guest in the morning service.

An Enoch concert is an emotional, soothing, moving experience of sound and video sure to increase your praise and worship levels to untold heights. Enoch’s concerts and recordings include popular songs of praise along with original contemporary compositions and arrangements all in a blended format.

His keyboard has no language barriers. Accompanied with rich orchestrations and multimedia video, his breathtaking arrangements and inspiring testimony have touched the hearts of over two million people worldwide. Enoch travels 300,000 miles yearly, and has performed in over 50 countries and 4000 concerts around the globe.

"Enoch plays with finesse and expertise and with humility of a man deeply moved by God."

Born in Chennai, India, Enoch Fernando, a brilliant concert pianist who travels over 250,000 miles each year, has performed in over 4000 concerts worldwide, fashioning a unique "worship experience" with his concerts across America that help the needy of India and the children of the world.

Enoch’s concerts are full of musical virtuosity, inspirational spiritual zeal, enjoyable lightness and flair. His music ministry has lifted people bringing encouragement and healing to wounded hearts.

Music With A Mission

As he sat in the early hours of the morning, under the flickering light of a kerosene lamp in his tiny home in Chennai, India, he watched his uncle play the great classics on a rundown five and a half octave piano. Little did Enoch Fernando realize that one day he would himself become a great concert performer playing in some of America's great churches and arenas.

Sec. Tandy reporting.


Watson Chapel had 380 in SS. 

Pastor Todd Howard preached both services.


Greenlee had 58 in church.  22 of them came to SS.  Pastor Jim Watson preached from John 11 about Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.

…Greenlee lost two of its oldest members this week. 

Gertrude Elliott, 91, died Wednesday, August 2, 2017. 

Flora Woodyard, 98, died Friday, August 4, 2017. 

Funeral services for both were Monday, August 7, 2017 at Fuller Hale-South Funeral Home in Pine Bluff. 

Mrs. Elliott's service was at 10:30 AM and Mrs. Woodyard's was at 2:30 PM. 

Bro. James Watson did both services. 

Flora Stout Woodyard, age 98, of Pine Bluff, died Friday, August 4, 2017.

…Born October 20, 1918 at Ridgeland, MS, she was a daughter of the late John M. Stout and Mary Ella Whaley Stout.

 …Mrs. Woodyard was a longtime member of Greenlee Baptist Church, and worked in the gift shop at Jefferson Regional Medical Center for many years.

 …Her husband of 60 years, Marshall Woodyard, preceded her in death in 1996. She was also predeceased by two sons, Harry James Woodyard and John Marshall Woodyard; a grandson, Stephen Woodyard, MD; along with two brothers and a sister.

 …Survivors include a son, Joe Woodyard, DDS (Margaret) of Dumas; two daughters, Elizabeth Rinchuso (Eddie) of Pine Bluff and Patricia Robbins of Hernando, MS; 11 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren.

 Memorials may be made to Greenlee Baptist Church, 4901 Old Warren Road, Pine Bluff, AR 71603


Margaret Gertrude Law Elliott, age 91, of Pine Bluff, died Wednesday August 2, 2017.

 …Born January 6, 1926 in Jefferson County, she was a daughter of the late John Matson Law, Sr. and Lizzie Gertrude Kindrick Law.

 …Mrs. Elliott was a homemaker and a member of Greenlee Baptist Church. She was also a member of the Pine Bluff Quilters Guild and enjoyed working in her yard.

 …She was also predeceased by her husband, Jean Fred Elliott on November 21, 1960; and her children, Freddie Elliott, Helen Williams, and Winford Teel. She was also predeceased by seven brothers, Wendel, Willis, Gip, Bill, Pete, De De, and Jessie Law; and six sisters Daisy Reed, Idalhia Muir, Belle Warner, Catherine Mallory, Aileen Nitson, and Vivian Favor.

 …Survivors include her son-in-law and caregiver, Robert M. Williams; two grandchildren Robert E. Williams (Joy) and Sarah E. Williams (David); and three great-grandchildren, Christian, Kirstin, and Logan Williams.

 …Mrs. Elliott requested that no flowers be sent. Memorials may be made to Greenlee Baptist Church, 4901 Old Warren Road, Pine Bluff, AR 71603


Anderson Chapel had 40 in church to hear Pastor Larry Wilkerson.  Pastor Wilkerson expressed a burden to see decisions for Christ at Anderson Chapel.

Bill Roberson reporting.


Rudy Davis

We had a little confusion coming home from Hermitage Sunday evening. I missed a turn in Warren, AR, and we wound up on a road we had never been on before. Thanks to the GPS, we were able to get back on track. We still made it home in two hours. It seems like every day is an adventure with Sweet Linda and me!!


Oak Grove

Roy Dewayne Curtis, 76 of White Hall, passed away Wednesday, August 2, 2017.

Born August 27, 1940 at Selma, Arkansas, he was the son of the late Charles Curtis and Lois Marie Hoppers Curtis.

…A 1958 graduate of Mt. Ida High School, Mr. Curtis was a United States Airforce Veteran. He was a faithful member of Oak Grove Baptist Church and retired as a machinist from Union Pacific Railroad in 1999 after 23 years of service.

…Roy enjoyed watching baseball, playing his guitar, and doing a lil’ fishing and hunting when the opportunity arose.

…In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, John “Billy’ Curtis.

…Mr. Curtis is survived by his loving wife of 41 years, Carolyn Lang Curtis; children, Charles Curtis (Sabrina), Michael Curtis and Heather Curtis; eight grandchildren, Colton, Justin, Remi, Christopher, Hailey, Brittani, Hannah and Jasmine; three great-grandchildren, Lilium, Rowan, Dyesel and two on the way; a special former daughter-in-law, Margaret Curtis; and many other loving family and friends.

Bro. John Smith did the funeral services on Monday, August 7th, 2:00 p.m. at Cranford Funeral Chapel.  Former pastors M. L. Faler and Bob Lamb were present.  A veteran’s honor guard escorted the hearse to Memorial Park Cemetery.


Rankin Chapel

31 Sunday morning and 28 back that night. 

…Pastor Monty Meek’s message came from 1 Cor. 10. 

…..Have you heard about the SEARK Crusade we’ve been having at the community center.  The crowd has been about 125-150.  25 Rankin Chapel Folks every night.  Great preaching and services by various men, but sorry to say that few lost have been saved.  Mostly good church people coming.


Billy West

At last report, Bro. West was in the St. Vincents hospital in Little Rock.  Pray for him.

Pastor Michael Williams’ wife Pam was having knee surgery at JRMC.

Pray for Bro. Bobby Lamb.  A knee, hip, and lower back make it hard for him to get around.  Wife Peggy stays weak and in bed much of the time because of diabetes, COPD, stage 4 kidney failure, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and me.

Pray for these other churches.  Time to make ready those church letters to the Association.  If you can’t do it, then call upon Bro. Mike or Linda at the Association office for help.


South Pinewood – Pastor Chris McGee

Victory – Pastor Chris Russell

Gould – Pastorless / Who is filling in there?

East Side – Pastor Josh Dutton

Humphrey – Pastor Bobby McPherson

Shepherd Hill – Pastor Thomas Lanthrip

Kearney – Pastor Larry Heird

Dollarway – Pastor Eddie Harrison

New Fellowship  -- Pastor Thirland McKissic

Family Time – Pastor Michael Williams

Second Baptist

Forrest Park

South Side

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